Sunset Park residents lending a helping hand to fire victims

January 7, 2015 Jaime DeJesus
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Sunset Park residents are showing their community closeness by coming together to aid a local family and their business, which was struck by disaster just before Christmas.

Borin’Queyz Restaurant, a favorite eatery among locals located at Fourth Avenue and 53rd Street, was destroyed as a result of a two alarm fire. No one was injured during the blaze.

“Everyone is okay,” said Gina Kanela Quinones, one of the family members affected by the fire. “Although my mom is extremely affected by this tragedy that happened to us, especially around the holidays, she is a very strong woman and we will all continue to push forward with her.”

In the holiday and community spirit, neighbors decided to contribute to help the cause. Lynn Tondrick, a friend of the owner, decided to help by collecting donations to help offset the cost of repairing the damage sustained during the fire.

Another Sunset Park resident, Sara Mari, spoke with the pastor of her church and they also came up with a way to help the family and the employees who are now without jobs. On January 11, the Brooklyn First Church of the Brethen, 352 60th Street, is hosting a fellowship service at 11 a.m. for those affected by the fire. All Sunset Park residents are invited to attend the service as refreshments will be served.

Despite the emotional roller coaster, the family is thrilled at the outreach from neighbors. “She [my mother] wants everyone to know how grateful and thankful she is for everyone’s support,” Quinones added. “No one will ever know how much of an emotional loss this was to us, more than a financial one … 24 years of her hard work and sweat from one day to another… Anyways; thank you for all of the support.”

“Sunset Parkers are always there to help one another. It is one of the strengths of our neighborhood,” said Tony Giordano, executive director of Sunset Park Restoration. “The personal loss felt by the owner and the small group of dedicated employees was also felt by much of the community. The thought of the sad Christmas to come moved the community to take steps.”

For more information on how to donate, contact [email protected] or go to the Sunset Parker public group on Facebook.

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