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ICE pushes back against charges agents use bullying tactics

March 3 | Paula Katinas

The ongoing dispute between ICE officials and advocates for undocumented immigrants that has played out across New York in recent months is showing no signs of letting up, and an incident that took place in Brooklyn is at the center of the current storm. Pro-immigrant advocates have held rallies and expressed outrage over tactics they […]

Man shot in face by ICE files federal suit

February 20 | Paula Katinas

Erick Díaz-Cruz, the Mexican immigrant who was shot in the face by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer outside his mother’s home earlier this month, has filed a lawsuit in federal court charging the officer with violating his civil rights. “This is not just an attack against me, but also an attack against the entire […]

ICE raid

Man shot in face by ICE gets help with massive medical bills

February 18 | Paula Katinas

A Mexican immigrant who was shot in the face by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents during a raid at his family’s home is getting some help paying costly medical bills. Community leaders in the Gravesend-Bensonhurst area have joined forces with neighbors to mount a fundraising campaign for Erick Diaz-Cruz, a 26-year-old immigrant from Mexico who […]

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