New York City’s most populous borough, Brooklyn, is home to nearly 2.6 million residents. If Brooklyn were an independent city it would be the fourth largest city in the United States. While Brooklyn has become the epitome of ‘cool and hip’ in recent years, for those that were born here, raised families here and improved communities over the years, Brooklyn has never been ‘uncool’.

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COVID-19 update: New York State to send coronavirus medication to Florida

July 10 | Editorial Staff

On the front lines of the war on COVID-19, there are many civilian heroes going out of their way, as volunteers and contributors. Also, many who are elected to serve are going the extra mile. In this column the Eagle hopes to give our readers an ongoing update on those fighting in the front lines. […]

Foreign students weigh studying in person vs. losing visas

July 10 | Suman Naishadham, Cheyanne Mumphrey and Hilary Powell Associated Press

International students worried about a new immigration policy that could potentially cost them their visas say they feel stuck between being unnecessarily exposed during the coronavirus pandemic and being able to finish their studies in the U.S. Students from countries as diverse as India, China and Brazil told The Associated Press that they are scrambling […]

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