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Lights Over Bushwick: Local steeple pays tribute to essential workers

May 21 | Editorial Staff

Those searching for a beacon of hope in the time of COVID-19 need look no further than the steeple of Episcopal church Iglesia de la Santa Cruz in Bushwick, at 176 St. Nicholas Ave. The building, which also houses Bushwick Abbey and the community organizing community Mayday Space, features a mid-century modern steeple which has […]

Nicole Mirra searches for the correct brands of foods for her recipients. Photo: Paul Frangipane/Brooklyn Eagle

Mutual aid groups deliver food and meds to vulnerable Brooklynites

April 3 | Mary Frost

As the death toll from the novel coronavirus outbreak mounts, mutual aid groups have been popping up all across Brooklyn, New York City’s largest borough, to assist neighbors who are more vulnerable to the deadly virus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Friday morning that 57,159 New York City residents had tested positive for COVID-19, and […]

The city’s hospitals are short on masks. Brooklyn’s artists are here to help.

April 2 | Charlie Innis

Helena Eisenhart had lined up her career plans and was readying herself for a productive spring.  The 27-year-old fashion designer had just been promoted to a full-time assistant job at a womenswear brand, and as money started to trickle into her bank account, Eisenhart planned to spend nights and weekends stitching her personal collection together. […]

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