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Officer suspended for blaring ‘Trump 2020’ from NYPD vehicle

October 26 | Michael R. Sisak Associated Press

The New York Police Department said Sunday it has suspended an officer without pay a day after he was seen on video saying “Trump 2020” over a patrol vehicle’s loudspeaker, a violation of department rules. The suspension is effective immediately and the incident, which happened in Flatbush, remains under investigation, the police department said. Commissioner […]

The legend of Trapper Abe: A true story from 1950s Brooklyn

October 16 | William A. Gralnick

There must be millions of squirrels in Brooklyn. They were everywhere, including inside the walls of the house on occasion. This is the story of the “now you see them and now you see them again” squirrels who were residents of our backyard in Flatbush. An encounter with a squirrel in our backyard the other […]

Flatbush mortician fights for license, livelihood after virus scandal

September 16 | Tom Hays Associated Press

During the deadliest days of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City, the bodies piled up at a Brooklyn funeral home — and the stench that came with it — at an alarming rate. Passersby reported that the smell was wafting from rental trucks used to store decomposing remains outside Andrew T. Cleckley Funeral Home, […]

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