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Several hundred community members made their presence felt at the first official public gathering for the proposed “Brooklyn Skate Garden.”

Opposing sides clash in first ‘Brooklyn Skate Garden’ community meeting

March 27 | Wayne Daren Schneiderman  

PROSPECT HEIGHTS — Nobody was able to coast through this meeting. Both sides were determined to cut an edge. Proponents of the proposed “Brooklyn Skate Garden,” slated to be built in Mount Prospect Park, were met with the opposition — in addition to a significant share of supporters — Monday evening in the auditorium of […]

Benjamin Anderson Bashein (left), CEO of The Skatepark Project.Photo courtesy of The Skatepark Project

Neighbors of Mount Prospect Park continue to protest skateboard arena

March 8 | Wayne Daren Schneiderman  

Full slideshow below GRAND ARMY PLAZA — A second community meeting to discuss the proposed “Brooklyn Skate Garden” slated to be built in the middle of Mount Prospect Park took place on Thursday at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Grand Army Plaza branch. The meeting, hosted by Cultural Row Block Association, Eastern Parkway (CuRBA), brought out […]

When skaters exit the elevated park, many of the good skaters will come down this stairway adjacent to one of the entrances to the Brooklyn Public Library. This is a potential danger point, as many children use this entrance to the library.Photos: Wayne Daren Schneiderman/Brooklyn Eagle

‘This is going to be a nightmare’:
‘Skate Garden’ proposed for Brooklyn’s Mount Prospect Park met with public resistance

February 9 | Wayne Daren Schneiderman  

PROSPECT HEIGHTS — If you build it, they won’t come. In an exclusive interview with the Brooklyn Eagle, local residents of Prospect Heights expressed collective outrage, vehemently disagreeing with the proposed idea to build a 40,000-square-foot skate park in their backyard. Slated to be entitled the “Brooklyn Skate Garden,” positioned in the middle of Brooklyn’s […]