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Immigrant players make Tilden a basketball powerhouse

February 25 | By Andy Furman

Brooklyn is literally All-World. “My basketball team was playing at Tilden and we were up by 30 in the fourth quarter,” notes former Tilden High School basketball coach Jeff Schrier. “I emptied the bench. All of a sudden, I realized something and called timeout. The kids came in, sat on the bench, and expected some […]

Broadway Junction lies on the border of East New York and Bedford-Stuyvesant. Eagle photo by Paul Frangipane

Subject to Inspection: Brooklyn Spaces and Issues

January 14 | Brooklyn Eagle Editorial

First, the Big Picture We are facing an unprecedented period of uncertainty and doubt in Brooklyn. A global pandemic, a rise in crime, a loss of economic activity, the laying bare of racial injustice. On the whole a disturbing crisis of leadership at all levels of government. The next six months are perhaps the most […]

East Flatbush homeowners to solicitors: Leave us alone!

December 8 | Emily Nadal

Trisha Ocona has removed most of the “We Buy Houses” signs she’s seen in her East Flatbush neighborhood. The ones that remain are out of her reach, Ocona explains, high up on the city’s street lamps or telephone poles. A lifelong resident of the community, Ocona is particularly bothered by the signs, which she thinks […]

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