Contribute to the Brooklyn Eagle

The Brooklyn Eagle publishes paid freelance news, features and commentary, as well as unpaid community submissions reflecting a wide range of voices.

News and feature pitches should include a clear, concise 1-2 sentence summary of the proposed article and why it matters to our readers. Identify potential sources you intend to speak with, and an additional sentence of why you’re the best person to write this piece (highlighting any relevant experience or expertise). Ideal pitches are specific and timely, and speak to a borough-wide readership. Link to previous writing samples if you have any.

The Brooklyn Eagle will pay for commentary and analysis from authoritative sources with expertise in their subject matter. Topics can include politics, policy, media or anything in Brooklyn’s cultural zeitgeist. Ideal contributions provide insight and fresh perspective, supported by evidence that the writer references (with links, when possible). Commentary and analysis on Brooklyn Eagle should challenge conventions and broaden the conversation around a topic. Contributions should be conversational; a sense of humor doesn’t hurt. Ideal pitches include the thesis of your proposed contribution, identify relevant news hooks, and convey why you’re the right person to make the argument.

Freelance pitches should be sent to [email protected]. Do not call our offices; it can sometimes take a few days to receive a response.

Compensation varies by experience, length of the article and level of reporting effort. Typical compensation for a pitched feature is between $150 and $300; assigned spot news assignments can be less, while complex issues tackled by experienced, well-sourced reporters often pay more.

Community submissions, for which we do not pay, may include letters to the editor and op-eds, writing or photo essays that reflect a Brooklyn experience. These can be sent to [email protected]. While we try to respond to all inquiries, we occasionally get overwhelmed. We will certainly contact you if we intend to publish your material.