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Sharks caught in the tournament hang outside the Stella Maris Bait and Tackle shop in Sheepshead Bay, their weights recorded in white. Eagle photo by Paul Stremple

Catching the whopper: Brooklyn’s annual shark-fishing contest

June 24 | Paul Stremple

As dawn cracks the Saturday sky above Sheepshead Bay, more than 30 boats set out for the open sea. The sixth annual Brooklyn Shark Tournament has begun. The vessels will return in the afternoon to hang huge sharks from a giant scaffold in front of bait-and-tackle shop Stella Maris, drawing a crowd and slowing traffic […]

Welcome to Brooklyn, which has a thousand and one fine places to take spring strolls. Eagle file photo by Lore Croghan

The 10 best routes for spring strolls in Brooklyn

May 8 | Lore Croghan

It ain’t all brownstones. But it’s all beautiful. Brooklyn’s housing stock is blessed with infinite variety, which is of course a phrase I borrowed from Shakespeare. Some stunning neighborhoods look wildly different from other equally fabulous spots. If Brooklyn is a mosaic, the tiles that comprise it are in highly contrasting colors. Spring’s the ideal […]

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