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Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood Cemetery is a safe place for solitary walks during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Lore Croghan/Brooklyn Eagle

Green-Wood Cemetery is a safe place to stroll during the coronavirus pandemic

March 26 | Lore Croghan

Brooklyn’s beloved Green-Wood Cemetery is a safe spot for taking solitary walks during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Its 478 acres of wide-open space are an alternative to crowded parks. It is full of winding roads and walking paths with lots of room to maintain social distancing from other visitors. And those hills! They’ll help you […]

The areas on the perimeter of Green-Wood Cemetery are full of handsome housing stock. Photo: Lore Croghan/Brooklyn Eagle

See eye-catching homes on the perimeter of Green-Wood Cemetery

March 25 | Lore Croghan

Eye on Real Estate: Brooklyn residents are going to Green-Wood Cemetery to take walks in its wide-open spaces during New York’s novel coronavirus lockdown. The graveyard is an excellent alternative to parks, where some people have been congregating in groups instead of practicing social distancing. As visitors head toward the famous 478-acre cemetery’s main entrance […]

The F.G. Guido Funeral Home in Carroll Gardens brought out its 1888 Studebaker horse-drawn hearse for the first time in 11 years for a funeral procession on Feb. 7, 2020. Photo: Paul Frangipane/Brooklyn Eagle

19th-century funeral rolls down Brooklyn streets | Photos

February 10 | Paul Frangipane

Two white Percheron horses trotted over tar bumps and metal bridges as they carried a wooden hearse through the streets of Brooklyn Friday morning. The 1800s clashed with the 21st century when F.G. Guido Funeral Home took out its 1888 Studebaker horse-drawn hearse for a procession from their Carroll Gardens home to Green-Wood Cemetery. Maria-Ray Guido, […]

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