In PYO All-star Game, West Sweeps East 24 to 8

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Everyone was tense with anticipation before the start of the major division all star rumble. The best of the best will go up against each other for Parkville bragging rights. The action began with Elijah “Pit Bull” Challenger receiving the punt and taking it five yards for the West. Robert “Pay Dirt” Lay took up the pace for 15 yards and Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld continued the forward assault for 10 yards. This set up Jhomar Bennett for a touchdown run up the middle, putting the West on the sunny side of a six-zip ballgame.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

The East had possession for a short time (one play) and fumbled the ball. Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld made a huge recovery for the West. “Pit Bull” Challenger started the West’s trek down field with a first down that was confirmed with an official measurement. This set up Alex Katten for a three-point field goal. Again the East blew it when the West scored a safety, giving them an impressive 11-zip advantage and the first quarter was over.

The second quarter opened with the West moving the ball meticulously down field to be in field goal range. Two first downs by Lay and one by “Pit Bull” gave the West the opportunity to kick a field goal but they didn’t count on Alphonse “Meat Grinder” Russo to be at the right place at the right time to deflect the attempt.

The East took to the air to move the ball and failed on their first try. On their second attempt, Katten was on the scene for a slick interception. The West capitalized on their fortune with a Bennett swipe to the left to score the second West touchdown of the game to make it 17-zip, West.

On the first play of the East possession, Daniel Bone Breaker” Dasaro got credit with a major sack. Robert “Sure Thing” Knapp did connect with Joshua Vega for a 20-yard pass but the East effort to reach golden soil failed.

The opening of the second half was successful for the East. Two first downs by Ryan O’Connor, one by Knapp and a pass by Knapp to William Soued gave him a shot at scoring the first East TD. Then Vincent “The Enforcer” Delgatto put his talents to work for a two-point kick. The scoreboard lit up 11 to 8, West. That was just what the East needed to fire them up.

The West had a taste of their fury by trying to move the ball.”Torpedo” Hockfeld got pounded by O’Connor. Then, Joseph DeSaro experienced a “Meat grinder” Russo tackle. Ouch! The West possession was ended abruptly by a Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman interception. The East fumbled on their first play and Emir Bojescu made the recovery. The West came up a dollar short and a day later and fumbled after two first-down runs.

The East began to move down field with more determination and Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman carrying for 15 yards. Then, things got sour fast. Quarterback Knapp was slammed by Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld and Bojescu. On Knapp’s next play, Hockfeld and Bojescu did it again. East was forced to punt and the West cashed in for six points. Katten nailed it again for the extra two points and the score tallied 25 to 8, West.

The East was successful advancing down field with Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman and “Sure Thing” Knapp. Things were looking good and then the lights went out in Georgia. Lay made a big interception and put the kibosh on the momentum.

The West quickly fumbled and Joseph Seykora recovered for the East. Knapp ran for 10 yards and was stopped by Angelo Kushetto and Desaro. The coup de grace came when Katten made a classic pass interception. The West went home with the bacon and the 25-to-8 victory.

The Peewee Division game ended in an 18-all tie with outstanding performances by Robert Navarro, Jayden Steward, Edgar Quintero, Samuel Frank, Thomas Robert Fegan, Husnain Sandhu, Gabe Richardson and Nico Viscoso.


PYO Army Out Scores PYO Syracuse 26-20

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The first quarter of Parkville Youth Organization’s Army–Syracuse confrontation started with Army dominating the control of the ball for 13 minutes. Army ultimately drew first blood with Ryan Assad handing off to Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson, who muscled his way to pay dirt from the one. Army’s extra point was foiled by Charles “Rocket” Kitsakos and the tally stood 6-zip, Army.

Syracuse got its wake-up call in the second quarter when “The Rocket,” on third and one, charged for glory from the 25-yard line, tying the score six-all. It too failed the extra point and Army took control of the ball. Assad began his assault and after two first downs, Manny Torres Ruiz lit up the scoreboard with a touchdown and then went in for the point after. Army was on the sunny side of a 13-6 ball game.

Syracuse was just as productive on its possession when Kitsakos broke free of two tackles and ran 25 yards to the three-yard line. On the very next play, he tiptoed his way in for a touchdown and then the extra point. The scoreboard displayed a 13-all tally.

During the first play of Army’s possession, Assad was sacked by Kitsakos. But Assad bounced back to hand off to Ruiz who bullied his way in for the TD. Elijah Deciembre stopped Richardson from scoring the extra point.

The score was 19-13 Army until the “Rocket” charged for golden soil and then scored the point after to seize the lead, 20-19, Syracuse. That score wasn’t going to last long. There were 41 seconds remaining on the clock when Ruiz began pounding the Syracuse line, making three first downs. He then blasted his way to score the coup de grace with the extra point. There was only five seconds on the clock when Syracuse took possession, and made it to the 10-yard line, but it was all over but the shouting. Time ran out and Army went home with the bacon and the 26-20 victory.

Both lines did an outstanding job and are worthy of mentioning. For the Army team, Joseph Zrekat, Mohammed Dola, center Giovanni Marsilla and Bassan Awawdeh were tough as nails and held the line. Andrew “A-Train” Echevarria, Matthew Palegos, David “No Way” Rosales and Sevastian Ortiz stepped up to the challenge and did an awesome job.

PYO Saints Dominate PYO Broncos 26 to 6

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The PYO Saints completely controlled and dominated the first quarter of the match by meticulously moving the ball down field to draw first blood.

Quarterback Jhomar Bennett orchestrated the Saints like a conductor in a symphony. His arsenal included running backs Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld, Jason Porcaro, Alex Katten and himself. His battle plan was to gain small amounts of yardage to get to the first down.

Five first downs got the Saints to first and goal position and Bennett decided to go up the middle himself to strike the crucial blow. The Saints kicked for two extra points and the tally was 8-zip, Saints.

The Broncos has possession for a short period and fumbled and lost the ball to the Saints. The Saints did no better, losing possession to a pass interception. Brandon Diaz of the Broncos was in the right place at the right time to make the interception. The Broncos held the ball into the second quarter, then fumbled again. Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld made the recovery for the Saints.

The Saints made good on their possession when Bennett entered pay dirt and the Saints kicked for an additional two points. The Broncos’ lackluster performance with two pass attempts ended when Daniel “Bone breaker” Dasaro muscled his way past the Bronco line of defense to sack the quarterback in the end zone for a two-point safety. The Saints held the ball to the end of the half with an 18-zip advantage.

The Broncos open the second half with a slick double reverse play that was foiled by “Tombstone” Hockfeld of the Saints. On their next attempt, they were stopped by the brothers Hockfeld and Christian “Hammer Time” Cosme put the kibosh on their forward movement with a two-point safety sack. The Saints continued to shellac the Broncos by scoring again with a spiral from Robert “Pay Dirt” Lay to Katten. The Saints stood tall with a 26-zip lead.

The Saints lost control when Nicholas Diangelis intercepted a Lay pass and the Broncos got their wake-up call. David Nisbet began his assault despite being battered by Mousa Tous, Gerry Haak and Angelo Fuschetto as well as the Hockfeld boys.

But nothing could stop his advance. Finally, with 72 seconds on the clock, Nisbet entered sacred soil and prevented a shutout and preserved Bronco pride. The Saints took home the bacon and the 26-6 victory.

Army Topples Syracuse in PYO play

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Syracuse opened this confrontation with Mark Kiss and Charles “Rocket” Kitsakos giving Army a taste of their one, two punch by hitting the boards first. “The Rocket” scored the first TD but Manny Torrez Ruiz of Army said no to the point after.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

Ryan Assad of Army accepted the Syracuse challenge and defied its defenses, scoring a touchdown and point after to take the lead. The “Rocket” answered again with a TD but Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson and Mohammed Dola denied the extra point. A tough trek through enemy lines produced six points for Richardson but Andrew “A-Train” Echevarria put the kibosh on the point after attempt with a text book tackle. The first half ended 13–12 Army.

Army opened the second half with a brutal fight down field with Assad, Ruiz and Richardson leading the assault. Despite meeting strong opposition from Syracuse David “No Way” Rosales, Sevastian Ortiz and Echevarria. Assad scored, breaking past the Syracuse line. “A-Train” did stop the extra point.

The “Rocket” fought a fierce battle with every play. He was tackled by Ruiz, Joseph Zrekat and Richardson. He was also sacked by Zrekat and then gang-tackled but this guy is tough as nails and kept coming back.

Persistence paid off and the “Rocket” scored. Unfortunately, Dola was on hand to prevent the extra point. Army got possession and on their first play, Assad handed off to Ruiz, who muscled his way through the Syracuse line and entered golden soil. There was no extra point because the “Rocket” would not allow it.

Syracuse put everything into their next try for glory. They fought tooth and nail for every inch of Parkville turf. Unfortunately, the Army defense was relentless. Bassab Awawdeh, “Shot Gun” Richardson, Zrekat, Dola, Ruiz and Assad put the hurt on the Syracuse advance and would not yield another inch.

Army’s last possession produced another six points by Assad. Donavan Nunez tried for the point after but the “Rocket” put an end to that dream. Syracuse gave it their best effort on their last attack. A “Hail Mary” pass was called but it was foiled by Ruiz who made a slick interception ending the game for a final score of 31 – 18 Army.

PYO Army Sneaks by PYO Georgia 39-38

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Army and Georgia went head to head in a fierce Parkville Youth ORganizationgridiron rumble with Army coming up on the sunny side of a 39-38 final.

First blood was drawn by Alfredo Perez after he moved the ball down field, establishing the tempo of this confrontation. Georgia failed to score the extra point which would ultimately cost the team the tie game. Army bounced back, and Ryan Assad — with help from running backs Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson and Manny Torrez Ruiz — scored a touchdown. Richardson entered golden soil for six points and Assad took it over himself for the extra point.

Georgia hit the boards again in the second quarter with a Perez TD. He tried for the extra point but Giavanni Marsi and Mohammed Dola had other ideas and stopped him dead in his tracks. Torrez Ruiz scored again for Army and the fans were on their feet. Georgia failed to produce and turned the ball over to Army. Edra Lally put an end to the Assad assault by charging across the field and nailed him to Parkville turf. The first half ended a sharp 13-12, Army.

Both teams scored heavily in the second half. Assad of Army and Perez of Georgia were hot to trot. A major highlight was Lally of Georgia making an awesome zigzag run to pay dirt, leaving a trail of disappointed tackles on the ground along the way.

The clock was running out with Georgia in possession in the fourth quarter. Perez was doing an outstanding job moving the ball down field with great blocking from Andrew “Mad Dog” Kashman, Alessandro Aliota, Joseph Mattera and Charles Torres. With 26 seconds on the clock, Perez took the ball to the five-yard line for Georgia. He handed off to Enrique Martinez who charged for holy ground but was stopped by Bassan Awawdeh.

An Army penalty gave a trailing Georgia another shot at scoring. They scored the TD and were one point away from a tie. Then, Perez took the snap and headed for the end zone but Mohammed Dola put the kibosh on that dream and the game ended 39-38, Army.

Tense, low-scoring game pits Falcons against Saints in PYO action

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PYO Saints 6 vs PYO Falcons 3

One of the toughest games this season was between the Falcons and Saints. No team reached sacred ground on a touchdown. Only field goals were scored. Vincent “the Enforcer” Delgatto kicked one for the Falcons and Alex Katten tapped two in for the Saints, giving them the win. This confrontation was all defense and everyone gave 100 percent.

Quarterback Robert “Sure Thing” Knapp of the Falcons moved the ball down field a few yards at a time, using running back Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman and a slick pass to William Soued. But, the Saints’ defense led by Christian “Hammer Time” Cosme, Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld and Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro refused to yield any Parkville soil. The best the Falcons could do was a three-point field goal. The Saints fared no better going up against Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli and Alphonse “Meat Grinder” Russo. Russo was brutal, racking up three tackles and two sacks.

In the second quarter, Ryan O’Connor ended the Saints’ advance, making an awesome interception. But the battle for Parkville turf continued, highlighting some of the most outstanding players in the league, “Torpedo” Hockfeld, Gerry “Pit Bull” Haak, “Hammer Time” Cosme and “Tombstone” Hockfeld of the Saints. The Falcons sported some of the league’s fierce players as well, like “Sun Dance” Ferraioli, Joshua Vega “Bone Crusher” Tsitsushuclt and “The Enforcer” Delgatto.

The Saints received their wake-up call late in the third quarter and hit the boards with a three-point “Wolfman” Katten field goal. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Saints ended a grueling battle down field with another “Wolfman” three pointer that would ultimately win the game. Quarterback Jhomar Bennett, running back “Torpedo” Hockfeld and Joseph Desaro get full credit for putting the Saints in field goal range. The Saints took home the bacon and the close win.

The Ravens and Stealers fought hard to a 12-all tie in their recent encounter. Quarterbacks Jaylis Cruz and Gabe Richardson did a great job and are improving each week. Some other players improving each week were Ethan Veliz, Saad Sandu, Lucas Giocoli, Aiden Paredes, Husnain Sandhu and center Thomas Robert Fegan.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

PYO Syracuse beats PYO Army, 34-27

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Syracuse 34 vs Army 27

Syracuse hit the boards first in this Parkville gridiron rumble. However the Orangeman realized that this wasn’t going to be a walk-in-the-park confrontation with the Army squad.

Ryan Assad retaliated immediately with an awesome punt return, charging zigzag down field, avoiding all tackles and reaching pay dirt for Army. Manny Torrez Ruiz tied the score 7-all with a slick point after a run past the toughest defense in the league.

Mark Kiss began his fierce attack against the Army defense, fighting for every yard. Edwin Perez and Elijah Deciembre fought for Parkville soil inch by inch, facing Ryan Assad and Joseph Zrekat of Army. They got to striking range when Kiss handed off to Charles “Rocket” Kitsakos who muscled his way into pay dirt. The “Rocket” came back on the next play for the extra point.

Bad luck prevailed for both squads until Syracuse quarterback Kiss gave Perez the opportunity to score and then ran in himself for the point after. Army came after, battling down field and gaining foot after foot of PYO turf. Then, Assad handed off to Joshua “Shot Gun” Richardson who busted through the Syracuse line and scored. Assad got the point after. Great defense by Syracuse’s “The Rocket,” Andrew “A-Train” Echevarria and Sevastian Ortiz just couldn’t stop the Army advance. The half ended 21 to 14 Syracuse.

Assad fought forward despite strong opposition from “Rocket” Kitsakos and Matthew Paleogos. But on the fifth play of his , Assad gave Ruiz the ball and he delivered the touchdown. Then Assad muscled his way up the middle for the extra point. With the scored tied, the “Rocket” and Kiss began their trek to take back the lead. Richardson did all that he could to prevent Army from scoring but Syracuse prevailed. However, he did prevent the point after by putting the hurt on the ball carrier.

Army had the ball but couldn’t make any headway. Twice, they gave the ball to Richardson and twice the Syracuse gang tackled him to a stop. Time was ticking away when the Orangemen scored on a “Rocket” touchdown and a Deciembre point after putting the tally at 34 to 27. But, it was all over but the shouting. Time ran out and Syracuse went home with the bacon and the win.

The Peewee Division battled to a 6-all tie with quarterback Jaylis Cruz for the Jets and Gabe Richardson for the Giants. Defense was everything in this rumble and for the Jets, Joseph Rodriguez and Frank Samuel were on top of their games. Aiden Paredes, Jayden Steward and Edgar Quintero met the challenge for the Giants.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

A game to remember in PYO football action

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The confrontation between the PYO Broncos and Raiders promised to be terrific gridiron classic. Both teams had awesome seasons and were considered equals in determination and aggressiveness.

Derek Hernandez of the Raiders got an early wakeup call and busted away from the crowd, breaking several tackles as he charged toward daylight and entered sacred soil to draw first blood. That would be the only score in the first quarter and right through the second and third quarters.

What the fans were treated to was down-and-dirty defensive action by both teams. The two most feared players on the field were Daniel “Bone breaker” Dasaro and Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone.

Dasaro had four brutal sacks, one fumble recovery and five classic tackles. Sciarrone has two quarterback sacks, and six fierce textbook tackles.

Other Raider players that answered the challenge were Jhomar Bennett with two sacks and three tackles, and Tylor “TNT” Martinez, Charles Corbin and Joseph Dasaro, with three awesome tackles each.

The Broncos sported some of the most aggressive players in the division: Julio Felix with five tackles; Christian Nunez with one sack, one blocked pass and three tackles; Joseph Comodo with three tackles and one blocked punt; and Kellan “A-Train” Cohill with three hard tackles.

Cohill got his moment in the sun when he took the football on a 10-yard action-packed journey through the most challenging force the Raiders could muster. But Bronco pride was on the line and Cohill was not about to let his teammates down.

Ten yards is not very long, but when you have to fight for every inch of Parkville soil, it seems like an eternity. When he entered pay dirt and tied the game with less than a minute on the clock, the fans went ballistic.

That wasn’t the end of the story. Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone recovered a Raider fumble on the punt on the 10. Then the Broncos fumbled and the Raiders recovered and attempted a pass that was immediately intercepted by Sean “Can Do” Asada.

Twenty two seconds ticking on the clock with no time outs remaining and Asada hits “A-Train” Cohill with a 25-yard spiral. Four seconds remaining and the Broncos try a 27-yard field goal by Sciarrone. NO GOOD!

Two second left and the last play of the game was a Hail Mary pass by the Raiders that was wide and high.

The game ended in a six all tie. What a game!

Other players worthy of mentioning were John “Bull Dog” Von Wekes, Brandon Diaz and Liam “Hammer Time” McEvilley on the Broncos and Christian Cosme, Patryk “Freight Train” Szustka, Jonathon “Tombstone” Hockfeld, Hernandez, Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld and Dasaro on the Raiders.

A look back at earlier PYO action

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PYO 49ers 20 vs PYO Broncos 0

Some might say that the unseasonable weather played a negative part in Parkville Youth Organization’s 2014 Opening Day Full Tackle Football Game. The PYO Broncos seemed to be dominated by the 49ers with a 20-zip final score. But a close look at the game tells a different story.

The 49ers seized the lead by drawing first blood when quarterback Gianfranco “Flash” Poppalarsi hit Jason “Wolf Man” Perlstein with a spiral that was cashed in for six points. Poppalarsi picked up the extra point and put the 49ers on top 7 – 0.

Now, the game changed its momentum, telling a different story than the final score. There was no score in the second and third quarters. That’s when both teams dug in and refused to yield.

John “Bull Dog” Von Weken, center for the 49ers, planted his stake and no one got by him. It took plenty of courage to go up against Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone and Stephen “Bone Crusher” Sottile on the Broncos’ line. These guys were awesome, pushing back everything the 49ers threw at them.

The 40ers’ line sported plenty of speed and muscle and they demonstrated their skills by keeping the Broncos off the scoreboard. Justice “Ice Man” Doyle is a good example of the 49ers’ prowess. Doyle seemed to be a major force that every team in the division would have to overcome. Dylan “Dead End” Salas and Andrew Diaz were outstanding, fighting tooth and nail to hold the Broncos down.

The defensive battle ended late in the fourth quarter when the 49ers hit the boards again. Then “Flash” Poppalarsi fired a bullet pass to Hassan Farraj for the third touch down of the game. Jadin Goodman went into pay dirt for the extra point. The game ended 20 – 0, 49ers.

Some other players worthy of mentioning in this confrontation were Alphonso Russo, James Farrel and Nicholas “Lion Heart” Mendez of the 49ers. Members of the Broncos that gave no quarter were Julio Felix, Kellan Cohill and Sean Asaeda.

Photos courtesy of Bob Cavaliere