Oh, Orly: Week of July 30

July 30, 2014 Orly Amor
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My mother-in-law is staying with us for six months.

While I am thrilled to see her, I was hoping she could help a little with the kids and around the house. Instead, she watches TV and spends hours on the computer.

I feel like I have a 12-year-old girl living with us. What do I do?

Marisa L.

Dear Marisa,

First, I would like to ask if you ever mentioned to her that you needed help. Because of what is said about mother-in-laws, your mother-in-law may feel like she wants to stay out of your way and not get involved so she doesn’t offend you by doing things her way.

So, first things first, ask her to do things for you specifically. Secondly, you want to be polite and grateful when she does so that she feels appreciated. Buy her a card or a piece of chocolate that she likes or maybe a lip gloss that would look pretty on her. Treat her like you would want to be treated.

Think about it – she can’t read your mind, and if you don’t ask her to help, she does not know that you would like her help. I’m sure everything will work out just the way you want it.

All for the best,


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