Oh, Orly: Week of July 16

July 16, 2014 Orly Amor
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I am 12 and I really like your column. I was wondering, does that Sunday Night Blah feeling go away when you grow up?

Madison D.

Dear Madison,

Thank you so much for writing in. I know the feeling of Sunday Night Blahs and to put it gently, it really does not go away. I would like to give you advice on that, meaning that the Sunday Night Blahs does not have to be so even now while you are in school.

You see, Madison, we all work with a different mind-set, and when we chose to be happy, we are, and when we chose to be sad, we are. When you decide that the Sunday Night Blahs are not so bad, and turn it into an exciting time, then it will be so, and the more you do that, your Sunday Night Blahs are going to turn into the Sunday Night Oh, Yeahs!

Keep that in mind and start getting excited about Sunday nights.

All for the best,


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