MARTY MARKOWITZ: My Choice for Mayor is Christine Quinn

April 22, 2013 By Borough President Marty Markowitz Brooklyn Borough President's Office
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For eight years, I have known Christine Quinn as a coalition-building City Council Speaker, as a progressive and responsible legislator and as someone who always keeps her word. 

Throughout Christine’s lifelong career of public service, she’s proven herself as an exemplary leader with the ability to get the job done, especially in her management of the City Council’s diverse range of opinions and backgrounds. And her record shows her clear commitment to improving the lives of New Yorkers in all five boroughs.

Christine Quinn’s long list of accomplishments make her uniquely qualified not just to be the next mayor of New York, but to be our first female mayor. Like I’ve always said, when you want a job done right, give it to a woman! And there is no woman — no man — no candidate out there — who will do a better job for New York City as mayor than Christine Quinn.     

Under Christine’s steadfast leadership as speaker, the City Council tackled the most pressing challenges facing our city. She worked tirelessly to build more affordable housing, expand early childhood education and provide opportunities for small businesses. Christine has ensured our city is more environmentally sustainable while protecting workers with fair wages and equal rights.

Here in Brooklyn, Christine has helped create thousands of jobs in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, helped launch the East River Ferry and supported critical day care and after school programs for our children. She will continue to empower communities across the city and attract good jobs where we need them most.

And in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Christine was a valuable ally in coordinating relief and rebuilding efforts for residents and small businesses hit hard by the storm. I know this because my office and I talked to her every single day as we worked to help our community rebuild, rebound and recover. Regardless of the obstacles this city faces, Christine Quinn cuts through red tape and knows how to get the job done. And rather than wait for tomorrow, she will get the job done today.

Christine Quinn is also the embodiment of the American dream. Everything she has accomplished in life, she has done the old-fashioned way — by earning it. Her background has given her the sensitivity and expertise to unite all of our city’s diverse communities — regardless of differences of ethnicity, socioeconomic status or political sentiment. And while Christine may have been born in Long Island and sleeps in Manhattan, I know she embodies a Brooklyn attitude: Tenacious, passionate, determined and just the right amount of swagger.  

For so many reasons, Christine Quinn is the right choice for Brooklyn and for New York. I encourage you to join me and support a true leader and tireless public servant, Christine Quinn, for Mayor of New York.

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