Glamour comes to Brooklyn Fashion Week[end]

March 4, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Two-legged individuals weren’t the only ones stealing the spotlight on Thursday, February 28, opening night of Brooklyn Fashion Weekend at Industry City in Sunset Park.

The audience was in for a treat when four-legged creatures joined the models on the catwalk displaying the intricate designs of Bandit Rubio Designs, by Anthony Rubio.

“It is so pleasing to see a well-dressed person but when the pet is well dressed and presentable it takes fashion to a new high,” said Rubio.

Anthony Rubio, designer of Bandid Rubio Designs, posed with his model dogs and their owners on the opening night of Brooklyn Fashion Weekend.

Twelve, mostly small pooches surprised the fashion-lovers with shiny outfits, some matching their owners, who proudly carried them across the classy white runway.

Ilene Zeins, dog mommy to Z Zee Zeins, a four-year-old diva pooch who wore a golden cape with a glittery touch that made her the center of attention, spoke proudly of her four-legged best friend.

“I usually attend Anthony’s social events—that’s how I met him—and I felt like I needed to step up the game. I shop Rubio’s designs for Z Zee, but this is the ultimate,” Zeins said after a photo-shoot with the rest of the stars.

Students at William Maxwell High School had the chance once again this year to exhibit their powerful and talented designs during Brooklyn Fashion Weekend opening night.

Z Zee wasn’t the only star of the night. Gia Marie, a one-year-old Pomeranian and winner of NYC Doggies and Tiaras Pageant, made a stand with her “fit for a royal queen” design on the first night of Fashion Weekend.

“There is more excitement than the fashion industry,” said Victoria Ann Viscardi, the puppy’s owner. “Everything in women wear is the same and he puts all his passion into his designs. Nobody else is like him,” Viscardi, who currently works in the fashion industry, said of Rubio.

“I had a choice to create and enter a field which others have been doing already, trying and maybe even struggling to fit in or stand out, but instead I chose to think outside the box,” added the designer. “There are so many designers following a set formula or pattern, but to bring to pets what is done in fashion for people,” is a one-of-a-kind concept, he contended.

Also presenting her work was Trudy Miller, who considers her projects “versatile.” Miller creates convertible pieces such as the “kimono dragon,” a perfect companion for travel, work and play that can easily fit in your handbag. The easy-to-wear piece can be converted into six basic effortless styles which can be worn in every season.

“Don’t think that because it’s eco-friendly, it’s not sexy,” remarked Miller about her “no-waste” theme, part of the SMARTER clothing initiative focused on the subject of fabric waste, and what we can do to create less of it in our daily lives to protect the environment.

Luis Valenzuela had predominantly greyish designs in the beginning of the runway show, but shifted to more colorful styles towards the end.

Luis Valenzuela, a Venezuelan native from a family of four generations of artists, swept the spectators off their feet with his black-grey creations, following spring colors: green, orange and yellow that more than one would love to wear. His models all wore elegant masks, accessorizing and maximizing the outfits’ chic. Feathers were also a nice touch to his clothing line. He kissed each of his models when his portion was over.

All in all, Industry City had a full house on the first day. March 4 was the last day of Brooklyn Fashion Weekend with others designers exhibiting their masterpieces including students at William Maxwell High School, Bridgett Artise with Born Again Vintage, Amparo  with Iliana Quander, Sohung Tong and Sana Hashmat Couture.

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