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Brooklyn Bar Association honors often-overlooked court attorneys

November 1, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
From left: Betsey Jean-Jacques, president of the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Kings County; Hon. Inga O’Neale; Natoya McGhie; Pamela Walker; Anthony Vaughn, president-elect of the Brooklyn Bar Association, and Kemar Hermitt at 2023 Court Attorney's Reception.
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The Brooklyn Bar Association (BBA) held its annual “Court Attorney’s Reception” to honor the county’s court attorneys on Tuesday, Oct. 24 on Remsen Street.

A court attorney serves as an essential aide to judges, assisting in research, drafting opinions and ensuring the court’s proceedings run smoothly. Despite the critical nature of their work, these professionals often operate behind the scenes, overshadowed by the more public-facing roles of judges and lawyers. 

Their duties, while indispensable for the administration of justice, typically go unrecognized by the general public and, at times, even within the legal community itself.

These are the professionals who work diligently behind the scenes to assist judges but often go without due recognition. The event aimed not only to acknowledge their hard work but also to provide a critical networking opportunity.

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“The reception is intended to honor the court attorneys who work tirelessly behind the scenes and in partnership with our judiciary in order to fulfill their oath to administer justice and the law on a daily basis,” said Anthony Vaughn, the president-elect at the BBA and also co-chair of the membership committee that helped to plan the event. 

The reception plays a key role in the broader mission of the BBA, especially for court attorneys who could be future judges.

“While most of our members are familiar with the judges as a result of appearing before them, some members are less familiar with the court attorneys,” Vaughn explained. “This networking event helps remove a barrier between the court attorneys and the bar, and expand contacts which could lead to future employment opportunities both within and outside of the court system.  The reception also serves as an opportunity to describe the many benefits of membership in the BBA.”

When asked about the outcomes of this year’s event, Vaughn reported a positive impact. “One notable development was the tremendous turnout of young, energetic and talented attorneys, many of whom were joined by their respective judges, to celebrate their collective contributions to our judiciary. The BBA is proud to host this event.”

The reception stands as a testament to the BBA’s commitment to providing valuable networking and mentorship opportunities for all members of the legal community. With the continued involvement of both experienced and aspiring legal professionals, the BBA aims to build a stronger, more inclusive community in Brooklyn’s courts.

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