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Breast cancer fundraiser to be held at Park Asia Restaurant

October 12, 2023 Wayne Daren Schneiderman
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SUNSET PARK — A star-studded Brooklyn event promoting the third annual Pink Ribbon Charity Gala — a fundraiser for breast cancer — took place at Park Asia Restaurant this past Tuesday, seamlessly aligning with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 


Maggie Gu, owner of Park Asia Restaurant.
Photo: Wayne Daren Schneiderman/Brooklyn Eagle

A gala with the same goals is also slated to be held at Park Asia, in its main dining room, located at 6521 Eighth Avenue, at 7 p.m. on Oct. 18.

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All proceeds for the event will be going to the Maimonides Medical Center Breast Cancer Department.

Maggie Gu, owner of Park Asia, and sponsor and organizer for the gala, told the Brooklyn Eagle that the purpose of the event is to put the spotlight on women’s health in a big way. 

And Gu has very high expectations for the event. 

“I think the fundraiser will be awesome,” she said. “This year will be even bigger and better than the two previous years, I have a feeling.”  

Dr. Donna-Marie Manasseh, chief of breast surgery service at Maimonides Breast Cancer Center, pointed out that the upcoming event is important to Maimonides not only from a financial perspective — as the fundraising will provide funds for needed services that the hospital can provide their patients, she explained, “but in addition, the community will be seeing the need to increase awareness with regard to screening.”

“Unfortunately I can’t use my hands to detect a cancer early enough,” Manasseh said. “The best way to fight it is by early prevention, and that’s where mammograms and screenings come in.”

David Pagel, assistant vice president of cancer center operations, Maimonides Medical Center; Dr. Donna-Marie Manasseh, chief of breast surgery service, Maimonides Breast Cancer Center.
Photo: Wayne Daren Schneiderman/Brooklyn Eagle

David Pagel, assistant vice president of cancer center operations at Maimonides, added that fundraisers such as the Park Asia event are really what help the community overcome the stigma and the fear of screening, and understanding what cancer is.

State Sen. Iwen Chu, who also attended to lend her support, said that she is delighted to be part of the Oct.18 gala.

“Maimonides has been providing crucial and high quality medical care for our local families for more than a century,” Chu pointed out. “And for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we need to bring this knowledge to every family and every woman — and every man. It’s important to note that breast cancer is not something only restricted to women.”

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