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Mosquito spraying coming to Greenpoint and East Williamsburg

September 8, 2023 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
The NYC Health Department will be spraying for mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus in Brooklyn and Queens Thursday night. But what is in that spray, and is it safe to breathe? AP file photo by Rick Bowmer
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To reduce mosquito activity and the risk of West Nile virus, the Health Department has scheduled spraying of pesticides on Tuesday in Greenpoint, East Williamsburg and several areas of southwest Queens.

Trucks will spray those areas between 8:30 p.m. and 6 a.m. the following morning. In the event of bad weather, spraying will take place the following day.

The Health Department plans to use very low concentrations of several substances known as “adulticides,” meaning pesticides designed to kill adult mosquitoes. 

The risk of these substances, such as Anvil® 10+10, Duet® or MERUS® 3,is considered low to people and pets, but people who are allergic to spray ingredients or who have chronic respiratory problems may be affected with itching, coughing, etc.

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To stay safe during spraying:

  • Stay indoors, whenever possible.
  • Air conditioners can remain on. While unnecessary, you may wish to close air conditioner vents, or choose the recirculate function.

After spraying:

  • Wash skin and clothing exposed to pesticides with soap and water.
  • Always wash fruits and vegetables with water.

The most effective way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate any standing water, such as puddles, in which mosquitoes can breed, says the Health Department. 

Also, New Yorkers should make sure windows have screens, make sure roof gutters are clean and draining properly, and drain or cover backyard swimming pools or hot tubs when they aren’t being used.

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