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Police Beat: Woman robbed inside own home in Bensonhurst, thief steals 45K chain at jewelry store

May 21, 2021 Jaime DeJesus
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68th Precinct

The 68th Precinct serves Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton.


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A thief stole a woman’s handbag from her car on Third Avenue and 72nd Street May 16. Cops said the victim parked the car at around 7:30 p.m. and placed the bag under the passenger seat. While she was gone, the thief opened the door and took the bag, which contained $75 and credit cards.


A crook broke into a woman’s apartment on Ridge Boulevard and 88th Street May 14. Cops said the woman returned home at 1 p.m. to find her front door damaged and her clothes scattered across the floor, but she said nothing was missing. 


A crook stole a Ford F350 Super Duty on Ridge Boulevard and 87th Street May 13. Cops said the owner parked the car at 3:15 p.m. and it was missing when he returned. The last license plate recognition hit was on the Belt Parkway eastbound.


A Dodge Ram was stolen on Shore Road and 94th Street May 13. Cops said the owner parked the car at 10:20 a.m. and it was missing when she returned. Surveillance footage showed the thief getting into the car on the passenger side and driving east on Shore Road. The last license plate recognition hit was on the George Washington Bridge the following day.


A crook walked into a jewelry store on 86th Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues and stole a gold chain link worth $45,000 May 11. Cops said the crook entered the store at 1:17 p.m. and asked a female employee about seeing a chain. He took it from her hand and fled north on Fifth Avenue.

62nd Precinct

The 62nd Precinct serves Bensonhurst, Bath Beach and Gravesend.


A man with an ax stole $400 from a 61-year-old man on Benson Avenue and Bay 17th Street May 13. Cops said the victim was in his car at 5:20 p.m. when the crook approached him with the weapon and said, “Give me your money.” The victim gave him the cash from his pocket and the thief fled south on Bay 17th Street. 


A man and woman threatened and robbed a 23-year-old woman in her home on 17th Avenue and 86th Street May 13. The pair approached the woman on the street, took her purse and went with her to her home, where the man threatened to kill her if she didn’t give them money. The woman gave the crooks $13,000 and they fled.


A 29-year-old man was robbed by two men on New Utrecht Avenue and 78th Street May 13. Cops said one of the crooks punched the man and said, “Give me your money.” He then took $1,000 and the victim’s ID card.

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