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MILESTONES: August 3 birthdays for Isaiah Washington, Evangeline Lilly, James Hetfield

August 3, 2020 Brooklyn Eagle History

NOTABLE PEOPLE BORN ON THIS DAY include Pro Football Hall of Famer Marv Levy, who was born in 1925; “Rags to Riches” singer Tony Bennett, who was born in 1926; “The West Wing” star Martin Sheen, who was born in 1940; businesswoman and TV personality Martha Stewart, who was born in 1941; “Animal House” director John Landis, who was born in 1950; “Dennis the Menace” star Jay North, who was born in 1951; “Scrubs” star John C. McGinley, who was born in 1959; Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Hetfield (Metallica), who was born in 1963; “The 100” star Isaiah Washington, who was born in 1963; Salt-N-Pepa member DJ Spinderella, who was born in Brooklyn in 1970; six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, who was born in 1977; and “Ant-Man and the Wasp” star Evangeline Lilly, who was born in 1979. 


BEYOND THE SEA: Christopher Columbus’ first voyage began on this day in 1492. The “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” set sail half an hour before sunrise from Palos, Spain, with three ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, and a crew of 90. He sailed for “Cathay” (China) but found instead a New World of the Americas, first landing at Guanahani (San Salvador Island in the Bahamas) on Oct. 12.

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LIFE’S MYSTERIES: P.D. James was born in England 100 years ago today. Considered one of the best crime novelists of the late 20th century, she created in-depth psychological dramas in such works as “Cover Her Face” and “Original Sin.” Her early career in medical administration lent medical and procedural credence to her novels. Most of her canon features poet and Scotland Yard detective Adam Dalgliesh. She died in 2014.


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“It shows considerable wisdom to know what you want in life and then to direct all your energies towards getting it.”

— P.D. James, who was born on this day in 1920


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