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Overwhelmed care facility in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill wins public show of support for hard-working staff

April 21, 2020 Editorial Staff
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Franklin Stone and her husband David Wenk recently came up with a plan to express gratitude for those city health care workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic during day shifts.

Shortly before 3:00 p.m. on Monday, at the couple’s request, a hyper-local cheering crowd gathered outside the Cobble Hill Health Center to express gratitude for the tireless work of the facility’s health team.

Center staff waved back from outside the front doors of the 360-bed facility, which is among the U.S. care homes hardest hit by COVID-19 infections; the facility has recently reported 55 deaths.

The day workers’ clap mirrors the daily 7:00 p.m. clap-and-cheer that honors evening-shift workers throughout the city.

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Wenk and Stone said they are spreading the word via their social media accounts in hopes that the afternoon clap becomes as commonplace as the evening clap.

To honor the work of his team, CEO of Cobble Hill LifeCare Donny Tuchman delivered a brief speech in front of the health center. A video of the speech is posted below.

Cobble Hill Health Center day shift workers reacted to the gatherers’ support.


Day shift workers emerged from the Cobble Hill Health Center, behind a sign that read, “Heroes work here!”


A Cobble Hill Health Center worker waved to the appreciative crowd.


Day shift workers waved to members of the cheering crowd.


The event’s organizers, Franklin Stone and her husband David Wenk, posed for a photograph before the cheer.


Community members clapped, cheered and rang bells to show their support.


A passing driver waved from his car as he passed the Cobble Hill Health Center during the cheer.


Supporters showed their support during the two-minute clap.


Day shift workers gathered outside the Cobble Hill Health Center during the cheer-and-clap.


Health workers waved to the appreciative crowd.

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