East New York man delays murder sentence, has cold feet on incoming plea deal

November 29, 2017 By Paul Frangipane Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Joseph Hutcherson is facing 25 years to life after he was convicted of second-degree murder in a Brooklyn Supreme Court jury trial. Eagle file photo by Rob Abruzzese

An East New York man with four criminal cases open from Brooklyn to the Bronx delayed his likely murder sentence of 25 years to life on Wednesday while he thinks over a plea deal on separate conspiracy charges.

Joseph Hutcherson was previously convicted of second-degree murder and weapon possession in a three-week Brooklyn Supreme Court jury trial for the 2014 death of Senecca McCullough. When it came time to cop to a plea deal that would give him six to 12 years’ prison to run at the same time as his murder sentence, Hutcherson had cold feet.

Hutcherson’s attorney on the 2013 Brooklyn conspiracy case, Jay Cohen, was ready to take the deal when Hutcherson told him he’d rather talk it over with his family first.

The man with a long rap sheet has until his next court date on Dec. 20 to decide, as his attorney on the murder case, Julie Clark told the court she’s filing a motion to challenge the guilty verdict.

Despite the complications and wall of court officers sporting bulletproof vests, Hutcherson was all smiles in court as he nodded and winked to his family and friends in the audience.

Hutcherson was found guilty of shooting McCullough multiple times, killing him inside 456 Quincy St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Aug. 20, 2014, according to a criminal complaint. It wasn’t clear from the complaint what triggered the killing.

Hutcherson pleaded guilty on Monday to attempted assault in a correctional facility charges in both cases he got in the Bronx while in jail. He is slated to be sentenced on those charges on Jan. 18, 2018.

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