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LICH: Everything you want to know (almost) about the deal to close Long Island College Hospital

Brooklyn Eagle publishes archive of extensive LICH coverage

August 9, 2016 By Mary Frost Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Mayor Bill de Blasio, as Public Advocate, fought to save Long Island College Hospital (LICH), even arranging to get arrested for the cause. Now that de Blasio’s role in the sale of LICH is under investigation, the Brooklyn Eagle has compiled an index of hundreds of articles published on the topic since it began to play out.  Photo courtesy of the de Blasio campaign
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In January 2013 Brooklynites were shocked to hear that the State University of New York (SUNY) was preparing to pull the plug on Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in Cobble Hill.

In a saga lasting more than three years, the community’s battle to keep the 156-year-old institution in operation as a full-service hospital made almost daily headlines in the Brooklyn Eagle.

The fallout from the sale — medical, civic and legal — continues.

Cobble Hill residents spent years fighting the plan for high-rise towers proposed by developer Fortis Property Group. Emergency departments across Brooklyn have increased wait times. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s role in the closure and sale is under investigation. Subpoenas were issued for emails from de Blasio and top aides, SUNY and healthcare workers union 1199 S.E.I.U. The role of so-called “dark money” in the closure was examined.

News for those who live, work and play in Brooklyn and beyond

De Blasio, as Public Advocate, fought to save LICH, attending protests, initiating a court order and authoring a Brooklyn health care plan to save the borough’s ailing hospitals. As mayor, however, he dropped his support for a full-service hospital and backed a development plan that called for 40-story residential towers and a “stand-alone” ER/clinic operated by NYU Langone.

Throughout the battle, which galvanized northwest Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Eagle covered nearly every trial, protest, announcement and civic meeting held since SUNY started to sell off LICH.

From the arrests of health care workers and local officials, to a supposedly “historic” settlement praised by de Blasio, a trouble-plagued RFP process, the disappearance of the Othmer endowment, SUNY’s shocking failure to bill for services at LICH, the eventual sale to Fortis for $240 million and the tumultuous reaction of Cobble Hill to the massive development proposed by Fortis, the Eagle provides blow-by-blow coverage.

The Eagle has compiled an easily-accessible archive of roughly 300 articles published on the topic since it began. Future articles will be added as published.

Article by article, readers can follow the events bringing down a historical Brooklyn institution as it all played out.

This archive can be accessed via the links below:



2012: SUNY Downstate’s financial trouble builds


Downstate president LaRosa steps down, instrumental in LICH agreement (June 13):


Hospitals Are Theme of ‘Occupy’ March:


SUNY Downstate President Decries Recommended Closure of University Hospital (April 11):


University Hospital CEO: We’re committed to Downstate, LICH and Bay Ridge (May 11):


LICH slashes 150 jobs, including doctors, nurses (July 24):


John Williams named president of Downstate Medical Center (Aug. 3):


2013: LICH closure, protests, chaos, lawsuits


Downstate Hospital could go broke within months, says report:


Breaking: LICH on Death Watch — State prepares to pull plug (Jan. 23):


Sudden Death: Long Island College Hospital could close ‘imminently’ — it’s ‘worth more dead than alive’:

Dead LICH could net SUNY $100 million (Jan. 24):


Hundreds rally in Cobble Hill demanding ‘Save LICH!’ (Jan. 25):


LICH nurses bemoan hospital’s woes:


Gov. Cuomo’s Brooklyn for-profit hospital proposal worries hospital workers and local reps:


SUNY trustees will stage LICH public hearing on Thursday — then vote hospital’s fate Friday morning:


Dead LICH: Prez tells trustees to pull plug; public hearing Thursday, execution vote Friday:


Thursday is doomsday: Critics mobilize on eve of LICH death vote. (Feb. 6):


Exclusive: Stephen Berger backs closing of LICH (Feb. 6):


SUNY Hearing: Did real estate riches doom LICH? Was there ‘criminal action’? (Feb. 7):


Saving LICH: Doctors raising money to fight hospital closing


SUNY board votes unanimously to close LICH; Williams says it’s nobody’s fault; local pol was ‘snookered’ (Feb. 8):


After LICH closure vote, hundreds pack Brooklyn Borough Hall for hearing, vow to fight on. (Feb. 8):

Too soon for LICH obit? Give its doctors and nurses a chance to decide:


Horror in Brooklyn Heights: Velazquez calls double whammy death of LICH, closing of libraries, ‘Scary’ (Feb. 12):


Sale of LICH real estate may fund new SUNY hospital in central Brooklyn (Feb. 12):


‘We will not close!’ Hundreds pack forum on saving LICH:


11TH Hour: LICH backers rally in snow, but shutdown is averted:

Unrequited love: As LICH nears death after SUNY betrayal, Brooklynites meet to ignite passions on Valentine’s Day:


Not so fast! As LICH files closure plan, judge issues restraining order (Feb. 20):


3 cheers to the judge: Community applauds order temporarily stopping closure of LICH


Hospital giants Mt. Sinai, Continuum plan to merge:


Another stay of execution: Judge delays decision on quick kill for LICH:


Breaking: SUNY will quickly vote again to kill LICH, after judge rules trustees violated state’s open meetings law. (March 14):


Judge puts SUNY Downstate on hold: An analysis of Judge Baynes’ LICH decision:


SUNY to Brooklyn: Shut Up! State Senator Squadron: ‘A slap in the face’:


Buses to roll in Brooklyn for Tuesday’s LICH hearing in Purchase:


SUNY votes — again — to kill Brooklyn’s LICH:


‘For-profit’ hospital in Brooklyn shot down in state budget:


Breaking: Another reprieve for Brooklyn’s LICH; Judge issues temporary restraining order:


The LICH legal battle continues. Baynes issues TRO:


SAVE LICH video posted as Red Hook rallies to save hospital:


Red Hook march to save LICH draws hundreds:


Report: LICH doctors say SUNY ‘won’t open books’ to interested buyers:


Q&A with Alexandra Bowie, new president of Brooklyn Heights Association:


‘Stroller march’ to support Brooklyn’s LICH on Saturday. Babies to rally for Long Island College Hospital:


Babies converge in march to save Brooklyn’s LICH. ‘Stroller march’ in Cobble Hill:


Vote on Brooklyn’s LICH Wednesday at City Council. Resolution urges new operator for hospital:


City Council bill urges survival for Brooklyn’s LICH:


LICH saved — for now at least — as SUNY withdraws closure plan. Downstate will hunt for a new operator:


SUNY blinks, cancels kill LICH order. Here’s the full text of statement by SUNY Downstate:


What happens next at LICH? Community forum this Thursday in Brooklyn:


Hunt begins for LICH savior: SUNY issues ‘Request for Information.’ Board met Wednesday to discuss future of facilities at Downstate and LICH:


SUNY survival plan: Shrink Downstate, form Brooklyn hospital network, ditch LICH:


LICH supporters slam SUNY’s search for new hospital owner. Unusual RFI has ‘more holes than Swiss cheese’:


Supporters demand LICH stay ‘full service hospital’. Rally on Monday to get ‘seat at the table’:


Town Hall: Public cry for help from ‘mismanaged’ SUNY Downstate. LICH could play key saving role in ‘Sustainability Plan’:


Ideas offered at meeting to save SUNY Downstate. But LICH supporters wonder if anyone was listening:


LICH supporters demand action by Governor, plan Friday fundraiser. ‘Lean In’ says Heights Association:


Rally at LICH against plan to bring for-profit hospitals to Brooklyn. Senate bill would allow five for-profits; SUNY plan ‘opens the door’:


Emergency room crisis hits Brooklyn as SUNY bans ambulances from LICH:


Despite court order, SUNY Downstate to shut down LICH emergency room Thursday:


LICH patients diverted to other hospitals, protests grow. SUNY empties ER, critical care wards:


Ambulance Service to ER At LICH Still ‘Up In the Air’:


Judge warns SUNY: Special Administrator for LICH may be appointed. Judge Baynes: Closing ER at LICH violates court order:


Supporters of Brooklyn’s Interfaith and LICH hospitals to rally in Bed-Stuy:


To get Gov. Cuomo’s attention, LICH supporters plan ‘Black Tie’ rally at the Plaza:


LICH’s Black Tie rally cancelled. Rumors about ER reopening fly:


Justice Baynes holds conference in LICH case:


Ambulance service to LICH ER still ‘up in the air’:


Bombshell: Brooklyn judge orders SUNY Downstate to account for LICH’s money, property. Judge Demarest: Complete accounting by August 5:

Brooklyn Supreme Court judge issues surprise ruling in LICH/SUNY-Downstate case:


Retired Brooklyn judge rumored to be tapped to help settle LICH case:


Brooklyn State Representatives put ‘failsafe’ LICH bills in place. But will LICH assets be protected locally?


Residents fear the worst as Brooklyn ER crisis drags on:


15 arrested at LICH protest: de Blasio, Levin, nurses put in cuffs:


De Blasio calls his LICH critics ‘imbeciles.’ Arrest wasn’t publicity stunt, he says:


LICH hearing postponed; no movement in Appellate Division:


Justices Demarest, Baynes seek truth in LICH closing. Pro Bono Barrister:


LICH supporters take hospital protests to SUNY:


LICH: Court’s not the only battlefield, says Millman:


Emergency room crisis spreads across Brooklyn with second hospital on ‘diversion’:


Downstate program on probation. Downstate’s president points to LICH:


Bulletin: SUNY tells docs LICH will close on Sunday:


Brooklyn officials storm LICH, protest SUNY’s closure plan. SUNY says it’s a ‘rumor,’ refuses to meet with officials:


Breaking: State approves SUNY’s plan to close LICH as De Blasio files lawsuit:

Last-minute court order keeps LICH open – despite state approval of SUNY closure plan (July 19):


LICH staff calls cops as SUNY Downstate attempts to remove patients. LICH patients caught in healthcare tug-of-war:


Appellate Division rules SUNY must keep LICH open, but not entirely. SUNY must maintain Friday’s service level:


De Blasio: SUNY contempt hearing set in LICH court order violation:

SUNY Downstate under investigation by Brooklyn DA:


Dozen arrests as hospital protest jams Brooklyn Bridge. SUNY puts 650 LICH employees on ‘administrative leave’:


Amidst LICH chaos, 81-year-old patient falls through the cracks. Attorney General investigating case of Celso Heredia:


Missing 81-year-old LICH patient Celso Heredia discovered in Florida. Put on bus by persons unknown:


De Blasio calls for Brooklyn Hospital Authority with sweeping powers:


More LICH arrests in Brooklyn: Congresswoman Velázquez, District Leader Simon and others put in cuffs. Form human chain across Atlantic Avenue (Aug. 5):


Closure of Brooklyn hospitals raises legal concerns for patients:


Brooklyn power players join LICH lawsuit. Six civic organizations join de Blasio against SUNY Downstate:


LICH bullies: SUNY cops turn hospital into an armed camp. Patients, staff: Guards there to intimidate them:


All-day LICH hearing packs Brooklyn courtroom. Justice Baynes promises ‘In for the long haul’:


SUNY provides financial records, another hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court (Justice Demarest) for LICH:


OPINION: Waiting for Cuomo on LICH:


Battle to save LICH plays out in Brooklyn Supreme Court. The full story of Wednesday’s proceedings before Justice Baynes:


Appeals rebuffed, court orders SUNY to keep LICH open. [Thursday’s proceedings] Full speed ahead at Brooklyn Supreme Court:


LICH hearing continues [on Friday] with dueling witnesses, and a push for a ‘standstill.’ DOH witness sees, knows ‘nothing’:


LICH patients pay tribute as they await hospital decision. Justice Baynes could decide as soon as Friday.


Brooklyn judge orders restoration of key services at LICH:


Brooklyn judge [Demarist] orders SUNY to give Long Island College Hospital back to Continuum. Invites other potential operators to a conference:


SUNY Downstate must return LICH assets, Brooklyn judge rules. Cites SUNY’s `sinister purpose’:


Judge orders ambulances back at LICH. SUNY must work with doctors group to reopen ICU, ER on Monday:


Brooklyn judge scales back an earlier order in LICH case:


Brooklyn judge places LICH property in ‘constructive trust,’ says Othmer Fund must be repaid (Aug. 28):


SUNY given more time to reopen LICH ER:


As fight for LICH goes on, nurses flex new political muscles in NYC. Endorse candidates including de Blasio, Levin and Lander:


De Blasio, Brooklyn community groups back in court, seek to intervene at LICH. ‘A seat at the table’:


Contracts for LICH doctors expiring, no renewals coming from SUNY. Patients: ‘Where are the ambulances?’


Two ombudsmen appointed at LICH to make sure judge’s orders are followed. Ambulances may be rolling on Friday:


Ambulances return to LICH: A ‘game changer’ de Blasio says. SUNY: Don’t come to LICH if you had a heart attack:


De Blasio joins group of ‘intervenors’ in LICH decision-making process:


Breaking: Brooklyn judge nullifies LICH closure plan. Justice Baynes’ decision could affect Interfaith Medical Center, too:


Judge: Community groups get a seat at the table in LICH case. No decision yet about Public Advocate, nurses, healthcare workers:


De Blasio granted permission to help find new operator of LICH:


SUNY fights back against recent LICH court orders:


Appellate Division preserves prior order to keep LICH open:


SUNY presses to keep control of LICH, tells judge, ‘You can’t unscramble the omelet’. LICH supporters push for an evidentiary hearing:


Crain’s Health Care Symposium asks: ‘Can Brooklyn be cured?’


SUNY’s plans to lay off 500 LICH employees halted, for now:


Cobble Hill Association seeks to answer: ‘What the heck is going on at LICH?’ Hands out awards to LICH supporters:


Not again! SUNY ends admissions, bans ambulances at Long Island College Hospital (LICH). Nurses: Shut down ‘in the dead of night’:


SUNY agrees to restore ambulances, ‘limited admissions,’ at LICH on Friday. LICH supporters had threatened court action:


Ambulance service resumes at LICH, as supporters push SUNY contempt proceedings. Chancellor directs ‘entire SUNY system’ to help:


SUNY, DOH honchos face contempt hearing for alleged LICH malfeasance:


SUNY contempt proceedings on hold; Governor Cuomo gets involved in LICH:


SUNY Downstate contempt hearing on hold; potential LICH operator rumored. Santa and elves draw up list of LICH ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’:


Nurses at New York Methodist Hospital rally for ‘safe staffing’:


Elected officials ask Cuomo to lift the curtain on LICH takeover process. Want public release of RFP respondents, proposals to SUNY:


SUNY to vote today on sale of LICH to condo developer — but fight to save hospital goes on. LICH advocates vow to fight closed door deal:


In surprise vote, SUNY board puts off plan to turn LICH into condos and urgent care center. LICH supporters jubilant, vow to push for full service hospital:


LICH and Interfaith supporters bring hospital fight to Cuomo’s NYC offices. Interfaith could close December 26:


2014: A troubled RFP for LICH, ‘smoke and mirrors’


Confirmed: Brooklyn Hospital in bid to buy LICH, close hospital, build rentals:


Fallout from Brooklyn Hospital’s LICH bid continues. Need time to vet alternatives, LICH supporters say:


Breaking: SUNY vote on LICH expected by Tuesday. Community’s lawyer to SUNY: ‘We will not accept a cram down’:


Update: SUNY denies LICH action is imminent:


Revised Proposal for LICH unveiled amid dire warnings:


LICH supporters slam SUNY’s Fortis-NYU plan as ‘smoke and mirrors’:


Brooklyn Hospital Center’s still in the ring with updated LICH bid:


Long-awaited LICH – SUNY contempt hearing delayed a day or two:


OPINION: Freestanding emergency rooms: advice from a former asthma patient:


Brooklyn hospital crisis – LICH, Interfaith: Cuomo blames feds, de Blasio weighs in. Hospitals dominate state, city and Brooklyn agenda on Tuesday:


Gov. Cuomo’s mixed LICH message falls flat in Brooklyn:


Brooklyn community groups refute SUNY figures, call for new LICH operator search. Send open letter to SUNY, Mayor and other officials:


Cuomo and de Blasio unite in push for $1 billion waiver for Brooklyn hospitals. Cuomo: February is the last chance:


SUNY ‘reopens’ LICH bidding – but just to those who already bid:


Brooklyn officials denounce SUNY’s revamp of LICH RFP. Levin: ‘SUNY decided to go rogue’:


Brooklyn pols refuse to participate in new SUNY bidding process for LICH — Question legality:


Sen. Montgomery breaks with other Brooklyn pols, drops support for LICH:


Developers submit second round of LICH bids to SUNY. One proposal includes full-service hospital:


Supermarket mogul Catsimatidis backs a proposal developing LICH as smaller hospital in Brooklyn:


Brooklyn BP Adams to broadcast LICH Q & A on Wednesday:


Prayer breakfast and forum for struggling SUNY Downstate:


Technical glitch torpedoes LICH Q & A; Brooklyn BP Adams promises show to air:


Developers hype their LICH bids on cable TV:


LICH bidder Brisa disqualified as SUNY board puts off vote. Trustees hear plans, prepare to face Brooklyn judge:


LICH contempt hearing postponed again as SUNY talks in progress. Reset for Thursday; signs of hope for LICH?


OPINION: BHA says LICH proposals small on square footage, big on unsubstantiated claims:


LICH contempt hearing postponed as major snowstorm moves towards Brooklyn:


Feds approve $8 billion Medicaid waiver, substantial funds headed to Brooklyn hospitals:


It’s on: SUNY officials to face Brooklyn judge on LICH contempt charges Tuesday morning:


Mosley throws support behind Fortis development plan in LICH dispute:


De Blasio reportedly getting involved in LICH case; SUNY contempt hearing on hold:


Update 2: SUNY – LICH talks continue, hearing delayed Thursday morning in Brooklyn:


SUNY, LICH advocates reach historic hospital deal in Brooklyn – ‘Sweeping agreement’:

Details of the SUNY – LICH hospital deal, unveiled in Brooklyn on Friday:


LICH – SUNY deal OK’d with addition: Brooklyn judge retains jurisdiction over Othmer Endowment:


Let the bidding begin: New Long Island College Hospital RFP launches on Wednesday. Wanted: Full-service hospital at LICH:


Hospital for sale: Panel members chosen to consider LICH bids:


Potential LICH bidders hear from community:


At town hall, concern with Brooklyn’s health care inequities and Medicaid waiver dollars:


Meeting: Red Hook residents reject Brooklyn Hospital proposal for LICH, demand full service hospital:


Hundreds to be laid off at LICH, as final bidding round approaches deadline. Stuck it out through turbulent year:


Confirmed: LICH bidding attracts strong interest from full service hospital teams. New RFP has changed the game:


Brooklyn Hospital’s plan for LICH causes some consternation at Carroll Gardens Q and A:


LICH and SUNY Downstate to be discussed at SUNY board meetings Tuesday and Wednesday:


Long Island College Hospital bids submitted Wednesday; three hospital proposals in the mix. Public forum on Tuesday, March 25:


LICH RFP proposals are in! Nine teams submit bids to buy Long Island College Hospital. Four propose full-service hospitals, one would build small hospital space:


LICH bidder Peebles adds Maimonides, North Shore-LIJ to proposal. More surprises in store?


Opinion: An open letter to the staff of Long Island College Hospital:


Overview of the nine Long Island College Hospital (LICH) proposals. Public forum on Tuesday at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights:


LICH full-service hospital bids get positive reaction at Brooklyn forum:


Back to court? SUNY denies claim of last-minute LICH voting interference:


VIDEO: A review of all nine LICH proposals:


After allegations of state interference, LICH panelists get extra time to reconsider hospital bids:


New hospital at LICH: SUNY announces Brooklyn Health Partners’ bid for Long Island College Hospital scores highest:


Tearful goodbyes and a tribute to Long Island College Hospital staff. A ‘rough week’ for laid off workers at LICH:


LICH development group: Reports of Cobble Hill land use deal ‘absolutely false’:


LICH supporters ‘astonished’ by SUNY’s plan to end ambulance service May 12. Court order calls for full service until May 22:


Brooklyn residents voice concerns on LICH and more at Sen. Squadron’s annual convention:


Storm swirls around LICH bidder in Brooklyn, days before May 5 deadline:


Mayor de Blasio calls on SUNY to ditch BHP, open negotiations with additional bidders for LICH in Brooklyn:


LICH case back to court in Brooklyn Friday: Bidder seeks injunction against SUNY:


LICH bidder drops lawsuit against SUNY, says ‘prepared to close’ on Brooklyn hospital deal:


Merrell Schexnydre, President and CEO of BHP, second from left, outside State Supreme Court in Downtown Brooklyn. Photo by Mary Frost

Team bidding for LICH [BHP] delivers $25 million, but contract not in the bag. Deadline is midnight Monday:


SUNY ends negotiations with LICH hospital bidder BHP:


LICH tumult deepens as SUNY moves on to second bidder:


Rejected LICH bidder to sue SUNY on Tuesday in Brooklyn:


LICH bidder BHP back in court vs. SUNY on Thursday:


Legal action over SUNY scoring could shake up LICH bids in Brooklyn:


Brooklyn Health Partners still in the LICH game? $25 million check returned late Friday:


BHP's Schexnydre, holding an official receipt for $25 million at Brooklyn Supreme Court on May 9, 2014. Late in the day, the group was told to come back to court and take back their check. Photo by Mary Frost

Brooklyn judge rules against first-place bidder for Long Island College Hospital. ‘Too many uncertainties’ with Brooklyn Health Partners’ bid for LICH:


Brooklyn officials push SUNY to keep LICH open until new owner takes over. Ambulance diversion starts Thursday, doors close May 22:


SUNY releases closure details for LICH in Brooklyn:


With LICH deal ‘close,’ Brooklyn judge gives bidders one more day:


LICH ER stays open as deal with Peebles a ‘whisper away’:


Brooklyn judge approves plan to sell LICH to developer Peebles:


Brooklyn Hospital Center to double size of Emergency Department:


SUNY ends talks with Peebles to buy LICH; Fortis next up:


LICH case back to Brooklyn court for hospital ranking showdown vs. SUNY:


SUNY fast-tracks Fortis-NYU bid for Long Island College Hospital:


Brooklyn judge hears LICH supporters’ motion to throw out RFP scores:


As LICH lawsuits fly, Brooklyn patients must travel farther:


Brooklyn judge puts off LICH decision; focus on community needs assessment:


Brooklyn judge rejects effort to toss out LICH scores:


SUNY announces agreement with developer Fortis to replace LICH with condos. Long Island College Hospital appears fated to disappear in real estate deal:


LICH closure causing growing political backlash in Brooklyn:


OPINION: Patients for LICH call on de Blasio to support return of hospital to northwest Brooklyn:


Black, Puerto Rican Caucus protests SUNY’s treatment of LICH bidders:


LICH Update: SUNY board calls special meeting re Fortis sale, and more:


SUNY board officially approves sale of Long Island College Hospital to Fortis. The end of historic LICH in Brooklyn; Cobble Hill development to come:


Minority officials and religious groups to call on state to halt LICH sale. SUNY’s RFP process bypassed top two minority bidders:


Minority leaders to Cuomo: ‘Do the right thing’ for LICH:


Fortis signs contract with SUNY to buy LICH in Brooklyn:


Brooklyn Hospital Center gala raises $1.7 million to expand ER. Real estate-themed event:


LICH bidder Trindade files a protest with state Comptroller:


Brooklyn officials, community want investigation into sale of LICH:


Concern in Brooklyn as LICH ER shrinks:


Alarm raised about ‘dark money’ in de Blasio’s LICH – Fortis letter:


NYC issues Stop Work Order at LICH site:


Shocker: How SUNY lost more than $100M mismanaging LICH:


Top comments from our exclusive LICH billing exposé:


Shocker - Public filings, testimony and documents obtained by the Brooklyn Eagle show that SUNY treated thousands of patients at LICH for free for almost two years, losing more than $100 million — at the very least — in revenue. Photo by Mary Frost

LICH nurses taking SUNY back to court in Brooklyn:


Nurses’ court order throws wrench into NYU’s LICH plans in Brooklyn:


In Brooklyn, Teachout calls for investigation into LICH sale:


Brooklyn officials back LICH nurses ahead of Thursday’s NYU hearing:


NYU withdraws from LICH deal, throwing sale of hospital into disarray:


Brooklyn judge mulls arguments made by LICH nurses vs. NYU. SUNY’s McCall frets NYU ‘might decide not to do this’:


Mayor de Blasio weighs in on NYU’s exit from LICH deal:


Brooklyn groups, officials slam NYU failure to keep LICH ER promise:


Brooklyn judge rules against nurses in NYU – LICH case:


SUNY board to meet in NYC Thursday:


Handover of LICH ER to NYU on hold pending state approvals:


SUNY approves sale of LICH to developer Fortis:


Brooklyn doc to appear before judge Tuesday in move to halt LICH sale:


Brooklyn judge rejects doctor’s attempt to put sale of LICH on hold:


March to protest sale of LICH set for Sunday in Brooklyn:


March for LICH draws chanting crowd to Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn:


NYU Langone to take over LICH emergency department in Brooklyn on Friday. Comptroller and AG approval opens door to SUNY handoff:


State AG and Comptroller sign off on LICH sale to Fortis:


Amidst protests, NYU Langone takes over health center at LICH:


Ambulances return to former LICH ER after 7-month diversion:


Officials announce LICH bill to give community a voice in hospital closures:


2015: Litigation continues, Fortis shocks Cobble Hill with skyscraper plan


Brooklyn Hospital Center’s CEO is stepping down:


Cuomo budgets $700 million for health care in central Brooklyn:


Maimonides and North Shore-LIJ hospitals explore partnership:


Lawyer integral in LICH case opens new firm:


Squadron puts LICH bill on Senate front burner:


LICH litigation continues in Brooklyn courts:


‘LICH Act’ hospital bill up for vote Wednesday. Designed to prevent hospital closure debacles like Brooklyn’s LICH:


LICH supporters rally in Brooklyn as Appellate Court mulls appeal:


LICH physicians lose appeal, vow to keep fighting for hospital in Brooklyn:


Cobble Hill Association meeting to focus on LICH development guidelines:


Brooklyn’s ‘LICH Act’ inches through NYS legislature:


Top LICH bidders discuss joint purchase of hospital:


Fortis reveals first look at LICH development plans:


Cobble Hill residents vow to fight Fortis plans for LICH site:


NY Assembly passes ‘LICH Act’ hospital bill:


Patients protest Brooklyn dialysis center closing. Plead for delay until new center opens in the fall:


Brooklyn judge finalizes sale of Long Island College Hospital:


Statement from Elected Officials, CB 6 and the Cobble Hill Association regarding the future of the LICH site:


‘Hi-rise crusher?’ Will Cobble Hill Association’s new attorney help temper Fortis?


VIDEO: Pros & cons for LICH site hi-rises aired in Cobble Hill:


Cobble Hill Association torn over leader as LICH development looms:


Long-time Cobble Hill Association head Roy Sloane resigns amid LICH controversy:


After contentious battle, Fortis officially closes on LICH site in Brooklyn:


Complex Fortis closing on LICH site in Brooklyn partially complete:


Landmarks Preservation Commission approves condo plan for LICH jewel Polhemus Memorial Clinic:


New board voted in at Cobble Hill Association after leadership brouhaha:


Fortis Property Group files permits for row of townhouses at former LICH site:


Cobble Hill shocked at latest change in LICH development proposal:


Lander, officials reject LICH proposal backed by Fortis:


Dr. John Williams, controversial head of SUNY Downstate, to resign:


Ho, ho, ho: Cobble Hill group delivers gift-wrapped LICH petitions to de Blasio:


Brooklyn Heights neighbors furious over unpermitted work at former LICH property:


2016: De Blasio says city will cooperate in investigation


Fortis moving towards rezoning of massive LICH site, says Cobble Hill Association:


PHOTOS: Brooklyn’s LICH still stands, but not for long:


Cobble Hill still awaiting answers from Fortis, NYU about LICH plans:


SUNY starts search for new chancellor:


Brooklyn residents react to investigation into de Blasio’s role in LICH closure. ‘Mad as hell’:


De Blasio: City will cooperate in LICH probe. “Absolutely ready to cooperate in every way”:


SUNY Downstate wasted thousands on consulting company that oversaw LICH closure: 


Falling bricks injure construction workers at former LICH site in Brooklyn


Fortis drops plan for affordable housing at Long Island College Hospital (LICH)


Fortis files plans for another tower on the Long Island College Hospital (LICH) site


2017: New president for ‘challenged’ SUNY Downstate


SUNY appoints new president for financially challenged Downstate Medical Center

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