Streets in Bensonhurst, Gravesend and Coney scheduled for repaving

July 14, 2015 Anna Spivak
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Some Brooklyn streets will be getting a much-needed makeover this summer, according to Councilmember Mark Treyger.

Set to take place within the next few weeks, repaved streets will be coming to areas in Bensonhurst, Gravesend, and Coney Island.

“These resurfacing projects will bring relief to thousands of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians who currently have to dodge potholes and crumbling pavement as they use our streets,” said Treyger. “We have already seen great progress over the past month as 25th Avenue, 28th Avenue, Cropsey Avenue, Avenue U and other areas were repaved.”

With help from Brooklyn Department of Transportation Commissioner Keith Bray, Treyger’s goal was to identify the streets across the 47th District that were most in need of repairs based on road conditions and traffic volume. Treyger was also able to secure $400,000 in this year’s city budget to include the additional streets in the repaving schedule for this year.

According to the DOT, resurfacing is the “placing of an asphalt overlay on a roadway,” whether or not it has been milled—a process that involves grinding off the top layer of asphalt. The DOT’s website also states that much of the work is done at night in order to minimize traffic disruptions.

“This effort will continue with additional projects across the district over the coming weeks,” added Treyger. “My thanks to Commissioner Bray and the DOT for their efforts to ensure that all residents have a safe and smooth commute as they travel through the area.”

According to Treyger’s office, the upcoming repaving comes after the Councilmember worked with the DOT, Assemblymember William Colton, and Councilmember David Greenfield on other critical street repairs; including those on 86th Street from 18th Avenue to Stillwell Avenue, and Kings Highway from McDonald Avenue to Bay Parkway.

The streets that have been included in the DOT’s spring and summer resurfacing schedule are: 28th Avenue from Bath Avenue to Cropsey Avenue, Cropsey Avenue from Shore Parkway to Bay Parkway, 25th Avenue from Bath Avenue to Stillwell Avenue, Avenue U from McDonald Avenue to Coney Island Avenue, 19th Avenue from 86th Street to 65th Street, 80th Street from Bay Parkway to Stillwell Avenue, West Street from Avenue Y to Shore Parkway, West 28th Street from Neptune Avenue to Boardwalk, West 29th Street from Neptune Avenue to Mermaid Avenue, East 9th Street from Avenue P to Coney Island Avenue, Murdock Court from West Street to Ocean Parkway, and Nixon Court from West Street to Ocean Parkway.

Prior to the start of each individual project, signage will be posted notifying residents of parking restrictions and street closures. The full schedule can be seen at:

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