Who owns the even-numbered buildings on Old Fulton Street?

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January 14, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
This classy beast guards the door at the Eagle Warehouse. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Want to know who owns real estate on Old Fulton Street? Stroll with us up the even-numbered side of the street, and we’ll tell you, address by address.

Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we’ll see Walt Whitman’s ghost outside the Eagle Warehouse, which is where the Brooklyn Eagle was located when he was its editor.

We have gleaned the property owners’ names from city Finance Department records unless otherwise noted.

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8: This building on the corner of Furman Street was constructed in 1860 and 1861 and originally served as the offices for the City of Brooklyn Railroad Co. It’s now a residential co-op building. 

14-18: Urban Classics Service, an auto-repair shop, is the tenant. The owner is JSS Holding Corp., whose president is Frank DeFalco. As Eye on Real Estate recently reported, he’s the authorized signatory for the LLC that owns 51 Bergen St., a former factory in Boerum Hill where the Invisible Dog Art Center is housed.

20: From July 2004 to March 2014, the walled-in lot for which Snohetta has designed a building belonged to Old Fulton Ventures LLC, which had Richard Mauro as a member.

Then in March 2014, ownership of the property was transferred to Fulton Ferry Enterprises LLC. It appears that Richard Mauro signed the deed on behalf of both LLCs.

Also, Mauro signed a 2014 zoning lot description of 20 Old Fulton St. on behalf of the LLC that currently owns the site.

Numerous stories have been published about Mauro and his hot-dog cart parked on the walled-in lot.

28: The eye-catching Eagle Warehouse was designed by noteworthy Brooklyn architect Frank Freeman. It was converted to residential use in 1979, according to a plaque that was placed on the property by the Eagle Tenants Corp. It’s a co-op building.

46: The property, which is outside the boundaries of the Fulton Ferry Historic District, sold for $6.7 million in November 2014. The buyers were four LLCs with Ram Gupta, Joel Radmin and William K. Radmin as managers, a mortgage document indicates.

The retail space in the building is now available for rent through Friedman-Roth Realty Services, a firm where Joel Radmin is a managing partner.

In November, the city Buildings Department disapproved an application to renovate the property’s storefront.

50: Sam’s Auto Body Shop occupies this building, which also is outside the Fulton Ferry Historic District. Shannon-Hicks Corp. is the long-time owner of the property. Lease documents from 1967 and 1984 identified Irving Kerner as the president of Shannon-Hicks.

60: In decades past, Shannon-Hicks Corp. also owned this building which New Xcell Auto Repairs Center occupies. Later, Irving Kerner’s family company Irvokay Realty Corp. owned the property on the corner of Hicks Street, which is outside the landmarked district. It has belonged since 2007 to Success R.J. Inc.

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