Who owns the odd-numbered buildings on Old Fulton Street?

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January 14, 2015 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Tourists take in the two bridges — and 1 Old Fulton St., seen at right, which housed a dining saloon and hotel called Franklin House in the 19th Century. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan
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Want to know who owns real estate on Old Fulton Street? Stroll with us up the odd-numbered side of the street, and we’ll tell you, address by address.

We’ll have to dodge hordes of hungry customers waiting in lines outside the pizza parlors, but we’ll get to see some prime 19th-Century architectural eye candy.

We have gleaned the property owners’ names from city Finance Department records unless otherwise noted.

1: The building where Shake Shack opened last summer belongs to DUMBO LLC. Two Trees Management’s chieftain David Walentas is a member of the LLC, according to a mortgage he signed.

7: DUMBO Development Group LLC bought the building where 7 Old Fulton Restaurant is a tenant for $2.4 million in 2007. Antonino Prano is a managing member of DUMBO Development Group; his signature is on a mortgage for 7 Old Fulton St.  

9: DUMBO Development Group LLC also bought this property in 2007, paying $1.25 million for what was then vacant land and is now a construction site. In 2013 ownership was transferred to 9 Old Fulton LLC — an entity with Antonino Prano as its signatory. As we mentioned, he’s a DUMBO Development Group managing member.

Also, Michael Petersen is a member of both DUMBO Development Group LLC and 9 Old Fulton LLC.

11-13-15: These three examples of 1830s-vintage Greek Revival commercial architecture, which are in the process of being renovated, belong to an LLC. Real estate investor Abraham Leser’s name shows up on deeds and his firm, the Leser Group, is named as a lender on a mortgage.

17: The entity that bought this building for $1.5 million in 2009, 17 Cadman Plaza West LLC, purchased it after a tax lien was foreclosed on, according to the referee’s deed in city Finance Department records. The defendant in the tax lien case was the estate of Nick Udych et. al.

Shirin Siouny is 17 Cadman Plaza West LLC’s sole member, a mortgage document indicates.

19: A pizzeria that always has a line of customers waiting on the sidewalk, Juliana’s, is the tenant at 19 Old Fulton St. The building has belonged to Murray and Dorothy Waxman or the Dorothy Waxman Revocable Trust since 1978. Before that, it belonged to Boro Janitors Supply Co., whose vice president was Murray Waxman.

27: Another pizzeria that always has a line of customers waiting on the sidewalk, Grimaldi’s, is the tenant of this property. The cast-iron Italianate building, which is also referred to as 1 Front St., was constructed in 1868 and 1869 by the Long Island Safe Deposit Co. The property has belonged since 1958 to Salvatore Bommarito, Maureen Bommarito or an LLC of which Maureen Bommarito is a member.

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