Sunset Park brings back bingo in a big way

January 5, 2015 Meaghan McGoldrick
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The Sunset Park Bingo board – the latest undertaking of Tony Giordano, local activist and administrator of the Sunset Parker Facebook group – may be coming to a mailbox near you.

“Most of us grew up playing the game Bingo,” said the Sunset Parker. “Now we have one that was made just for Sunset Park.”

The board – which doesn’t have numbers but, instead, has the names of popular locations such as Green-Wood Cemetery, the Brooklyn Army Terminal and St. Michael’s Church – along with instructions, are being mailed to Sunset Park schools (with copies available for download on Facebook, for those eager to try their luck).

The rules are simple, said Giordano.

“To use our Bingo board, you distribute blank Bingo boards and then post our list of well-known Sunset Park locations,” he explained. “Folks randomly fill in the boxes with the words, and then the words are put in a bag and pulled one at a time.”

Evelyn Ruiz, a member of Giordano’s Facebook group, said the boxes – even when blank – strike a chord with longtime residents of the small Southwest Brooklyn nabe.

“These locations strike a note with all of us Sunset Parkers,” she said. “It is fun to see people post online that they got married years ago in St. Michael’s or loved the high dive at the pool. With over 3,300 members on Sunset Parker, the mentioning of any of these locations brings up dozens of old memories.”

Among the squares are the new waterfront park, the Sunset Park public pool, the R-train, the B-63 bus, and the old 68th Police Precinct. The point of the game, Giordano said, is to build a greater sense of community.

Free copies can be requested at [email protected].

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