P.S. 110 goes green at Science Week

May 30, 2014 Editorial Staff
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Go, Green!

Four years ago, major budget cuts slashed through the science programs at The Monitor School (P.S. 110). That was until ExxonMobil Corporation and the television and film company Broadway Stages teamed up with Principal Anna Cano Amato to introduce “Green Science Week” to more than 350 students at the school, which returned this year on May 21.

Located in Greenpoint, pre-k through fifth grade students participated in the hands-on STEM learning workshops, building solar-powered cars and creating recyclable art. Students also participated in ‘Mad Science’ labs, which consisted of chemistry and physics experiments such as defying gravity through water.

The school received a visit from staffers from the Queens Botanical Garden to teach children about edible fruits and vegetables, as well as a visit from representatives of the Alley Pond Environmental Center.

“It’s one of our highlights of the year,” said Amato. “All the children participate in activities that help engage them in the scientific process and also show them the role in the community they live in.”

She added that she would do the week-long event again next year. “Broadway Stages and ExxonMobil has given us the opportunity to provide hands-on opportunities [that] kids really love and able to strengthen them,” Amato said.

Through Audubon New York/National Audubon Society, P.S. 110 received $24,997 in funds to implement a “For the Birds!” environmental program. The program will promote learning in the sciences and language arts, as well as community engagement for both students and adults.

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