Beauty Talk: What should I pack for my vacation?

July 24, 2013 Editorial Staff
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On my way out of town for a couple of weeks, my struggle is always try not to over-pack, but I hate to feel that I under-packed. Unfortunately, our luggage can’t exceed 50 pounds and, face it, our essential toilet treats alone take up much more space than we would all like and most of my favorites don’t come in under four ounces.

I suggest asking your stylist and esthetician if they have any samples to give you of skin care and hair care products if no travel sizes are available. I personally bring my favorite shampoo and conditioner and put it in smaller bottles that can be purchased at any drugstore.

Vacation is when we like to look good as well so we feel good, right? So make sure you pack the right stuff. Only because we are going on vacation doesn’t mean we don’t use products we normally use because it doesn’t come in small sizes.

Normally, I use my carry-on to put most of my heavier items like my custom jewelry, shoes and jeans, so I have more room to pack my beauty products.

Let’s face it, whether we go to Italy, Greece or any tropical place, we need to take the right hair products — shampoo, conditioner, styling products and, most importantly, a hair protector like a leave-in hair serum or leave-in conditioner like It’s a 10 — to help minimize the frizz and protect our hair and scalp from extreme heat and sun exposure, without of course forgetting our skin care products.

I personally use DERMALOGICA Age Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery as a moisturizer which contains an SPF of 30. I would recommend asking your esthetician’s expert advice on what to use for your skin type.

During the day, while I’m at the beach, I use the leave-in conditioner with KMS sea salt spray for that  beach wavy look and most of the time I’ll go with that look in the evening as well.

If not, I blow out my hair with a serum so it won’t frizz from the humidity. Remember, your hair and skin have different needs for different climates… until next week.

Look your best…feel your best…and most of all love yourself!!!!!

If you have any questions e-mail me at [email protected].

Olympia Colandrea is the owner of Da Noi on Fifth.

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