August 23, 2012 Editorial Staff
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HEY JUDE: I am thrilled to give you some wonderful news about Jack, the black and white three-year old Pitwho had lived his life tied to a sewer pipe in thebasementof a building you were helping me with in January.

“Jack had not been socialized and burstwith the energy of a dog who had never been walked or exercised. He was a handful when I first got him out of that hell-hole. Thanks to the love, patience andpositive reinforcement from a wonderful man named Joe, Jack is asuper happy, well-fed, well-adjustedfella. From being nearly impossible to walk on a leash, overly stimulated by everything on the streets and powerful, to a truegentleman.

“He is a pleasure for Joe to walk, becoming something of a celebrity on Third Avenue in the90s. Jack goes crazy when he sees me, doingan amazing Happy Pit dance, jumping as high as he can, slathering my face with his big, sloppy Pitty kisses.

“Having become familiar with the breed through myseven years of LOVE WANTED adoption events, and placing many in homes, I can happily say Inow understand and appreciatethe truly wonderful dogs they are.

“Pits are happy, loving, energetic, loyal and fun dogs.They are powerful, needing astrongowner. They make wonderful pets and are a joy to be around; Pits have become one of myvery favorite breeds. Keep up thegreat work, Jude.” — Mary JoTobin, author, LoveWanted, True Tails of Love, Loss and Redemption; founder, Love Wanted Adoptions.

PETCO recalls certain stainless steel bowls for potential contamination. The bowls may contain Cobalt-60, a radioactive material commonly used in industrial gauging equipment and other uses.

Petco is uncertain about how radioactive material got into pet food bowls: SKU 1047493 – PETC-3.75C DEEP TWO TONE NOTIP 9.25-inch diameter; 3.75-cup capacity, SKU 1386956 – PETC-3.5C NO-TIP SS HAMMRD BWL 9-inch diameter; 3.5-cup capacity, SKU 1047477 – PETC-7C TWO TONE NONTIP BOWL 9-inch diameter; 7-cup capacity.

If you purchased one of the recalled pet food bowls between May 31 and June 20, please return it to Petco for a full refund. Contact Petco customer service at 1.877.738.6742.

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