Top Brooklyn Restaurant Opens Manhattan Spot

March 28, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Brooklyn’s only Michelin three-star winner — the highly praised Brooklyn Fare, hidden in the back of a supermarket on Schermerhorn Street in Boerum Hill —is expanding to Manhattan.

This is a reversal of the usual practice of Manhattan restaurants relocating or expanding to Brooklyn. In fact, the only example we remember of a Brooklyn restaurant actually  moving to Manhattan is Hubert’s, a French bistro that was where the Brooklyn Inn now stands.

Brooklyn Fare, on the other hand, willkeep its primary operation in Brooklyn — while the name of its new Manhattan restaurant will also be Brooklyn Fare. It will be on 39th Street between Ninth and 10th avenues.

Unlike the Brooklyn location, no reservations will be needed there, and it will be á là carte. There will be 60 seats in an 18,000-square-foot space, and as in Brooklyn, the restaurant will be within a grocery store.


Probably the most unusual of the new eating places in Brooklyn is also in Boerum Hill and bears the strange name of Maimonide, with no ‘s.’ The owner, a well-known Parisian named Alain Senderens, hopes that people will call it M.O.B., Maimonide of Brooklyn. It is strictly a vegetarian eatery with the promise of unusual dishes.

The restaurant is on Atlantic Avenue in the shadow of the new sports arena, but one suspects the owner does not anticipate mobs of basketball fans. It goes without saying that this restaurant has no connection to Maimonides Medical Center.

— Dennis Holt

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