Golden: New Safe Sex Web Video Is Not Safe at All!

January 19, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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BAY RIDGE — A new safe sex video put out by a health group is coming under heavy criticism from parents and elected officials who charge that it’s too graphic for young eyes.

State Sen. Marty Golden is among those speaking out against the video, which is called “More Than Just Sex” and is available on the web.

“In this day and age, it is dangerous to indirectly advocate for safe sex. This campaign has the potential to confuse our youth and encourage them to actually engage in unsafe sex,” Golden said.

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Golden was referring to a new video produced by the Community Health Network with funding from the New York State Department of Health. The video serves as a public service announcement against the dangers of unsafe sex, officials said.

“I believe that such an improper advertisement, paid for by the New York taxpayers, should be shown only in age-appropriate high school classroom settings. The fact that this video is available for people of all ages to view on the internet is alarming,” Golden said.

Golden called on the Dept. of Health to pull the video from the web.

“This advertisement campaign must be reevaluated, as it is my belief that it could actually cause unintended consequences, such as a rise in teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases,” he said.

The video, which was still viewable online at press time, contains such information as the fact that more than 25 percent of the people in New York City who have sexually transmitted diseases are adolescents.

The video was created through the Community Health Network’s teen outreach program, called Teens PACT (Positive Actions and Choices for Teens).

— Paula Katinas

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