Bay Ridge – a mecca of arts and culture

April 21, 2011 Heather Chin
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Bay Ridge has long been home to a thriving community of arts,theatre and cultural organizations. Unfortunately, this communityhas also long been overlooked by Brooklynites in favor of theglitzier offerings in Times Square and downtown Brooklyn. But nomore, say residents and local officials.

We’re putting Bay Ridge arts and culture on the map,Councilmember Vincent Gentile said of the newly-launched Bay RidgeArts + Cultural Alliance (BRACA). Bay Ridge is home to some of thebest arts and culture happenings in Brooklyn. From theater andopera companies to historical societies and musical choirs, we’vegot it all!

The Bay Ridge Arts + Cultural Alliance (BRACA) was officiallywelcomed by the community with a celebration last Thursday insidethe Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. The event was attended byBrooklyn business members and arts advocacy groups, such as the NewYork City Department of Cultural Affairs and Brooklyn Arts Council.It also featured performances of upcoming shows by cast members ofarea theatre and opera companies, as well as youth dancers fromcultural dance groups in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park.

The alliance consists of over 30 Bay Ridge individuals and groupsinvolved in dance, visual and performance art, music, design andpreservation. Participants will work together to increasepartnerships between local businesses and organizations, as well asto foster greater co-operation and cross-promotion within the BayRidge arts and culture scene.

The Alliance is the product of collaboration between VictoriaHofmo, a local preservationist and founder of the East CoastScandinavian Museum, and Gentile.

BRACA participants include Narrows Community Theater, Young Dancersin Repertory, Bay Ridge Festival of the Arts, Gallery 364, ReginaOpera Company, the Children’s Chorus of Bay Ridge, NarrowsBotanical Garden, and the Bay Ridge Historical Society.

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