Elite Assassin Millas member gets 18-year sentence for assault and armed robbery

May 22, 2024 Robert Abruzzese, Courthouse Editor
Crime scene murder weapon in an evidence container
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A member of the Elite Assassin Millas (E.A.M.) gang was sentenced to more than 18 years in federal prison on Monday for his involvement in violent crimes, including assault in aid of racketeering and armed robbery. 

The sentencing took place earlier Tuesday in federal court in Brooklyn, where United States District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto delivered the judgment.

Qawon Allen, also known as “40” and “Phorty Wap,” was sentenced to 140 months in prison for his role in the shooting and attempted murder of a rival gang member. Allen pleaded guilty to these charges in May 2022. 

This sentence will run consecutively to a seven-year term he received earlier this year from United States District Judge Nicholas Garaufis for brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. Allen had pleaded guilty to the firearm charge in January 2020.

Allen was a long-time member of the East New York-based Elite Assassin Millas, a set of the Bloods street gang that operated primarily in East New York. The gang engaged in fraud and drug dealing, particularly sales of crack cocaine and marijuana. 

They maintained their power through violence, including murder and attempted murder of rivals, and referred to East New York as “Gun Town” due to the high level of violence they committed. Allen was known for helping track down rivals so that E.A.M. members could shoot them.

Allen pleaded guilty to robbing a drug dealer at gunpoint. In a separate trial, Allen pleaded guilty to his role in the shooting of a victim. Specifically, Allen alerted the gang’s leader, Quandel Smothers, and another member to the victim’s location so that they could be murdered. He also provided the location of a hidden firearm for use in the shooting.

Other members and associates of E.A.M. who were charged alongside Allen have also been convicted of various crimes, including conspiracy to commit murder, using firearms in connection with murder, assault, and interstate stalking causing life-threatening injury. Tyshawn Corbett was sentenced to 45 years in prison, Quandel Smothers to 23 years, Marlon Bristol to 135 months, Devon Bristol to 80 months and Desmonn Beckett to 64 months.

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