Brooklyn Law School ranks 111th in latest U.S. News law school rankings

A look at the rankings from NYU to Touro

October 26, 2023 Rob Abruzzese
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The recent law school rankings by U.S. News have delineated a broad spectrum of legal education institutions across New York, with Brooklyn Law School holding its own amidst a highly competitive landscape. The rankings are a testament to the varying academic experiences and opportunities offered by these institutions.

Here’s a snapshot of the rankings of New York law schools, according to U.S. News:

  1. NYU Law (4)
  2. Columbia Law (8)
  3. Cornell University (13)
  4. Fordham University (29)
  5. St. John’s University (60)
  6. Cardozo University (69)
  7. Albany Law School (105)
  8. Brooklyn Law School (111)
  9. Syracuse University (122)
  10. New York Law School (125)
  11. Pace University (131)
  12. Hofstra University (140)
  13. CUNY School of Law (154)
  14. Touro University (167)

At the zenith, NYU Law, standing fourth nationally, showcases a rich academic culture with a tuition fee of $76,290 and a favorable student-faculty ratio of 6.3:1. Its comprehensive practical training modules, from the outset, provide students with an interactive legal education.

Brooklyn Law School, ranking 111th, offers a more modest tuition fee at $68,321 (full-time) and $51,366 (part-time), with a student-faculty ratio of 10:1. Its location in close proximity to New York City’s legal hubs is an added advantage for real-world exposure. The school’s part-time program and a variety of legal clinics, like the Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy (BLIP) Clinic, provide flexible and practical learning experiences.

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Touro University (tThe Fuchsberg Law Center) Law School, positioned at 167, presents an even more economical tuition structure with a similar student-faculty ratio to Brooklyn Law. However, its lower bar passage rates and overall score reflect the challenges it faces in a competitive academic environment.

This diverse array of rankings among New York law schools reflects a wide range of academic and practical experiences available to aspiring legal professionals. 


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