Upcoming Brooklyn Dining Club will feature renowned Szechuan Chef

September 25, 2023 Special from the Brooklyn Dining Club
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The upcoming gathering of the Brooklyn Dining Club at Shan, 191 Smith St., will feature the star attraction Chef Tang Yong, as well as remarks by the Brooklyn Eagle’s lead food writer Andrew Cotto.

In the 1970s, just when Szechuan food was beginning to take New York City by storm, Chef Tang Yong was born in the capital city of Chengdu, Sichuan, China. As a young man, he followed his passion for the culinary arts to the Chengdu Class of Sichuan Province Food Service Technical School, where he honed his craft, absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Traditional Szechuan cuisine, he found, came naturally to him, especially when he was surrounded by so many inspiring instructors and aspiring chefs.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge on the traditions and techniques of this complex cuisine, Chef Tang Yong’s first professional endeavor led him to the restaurant Shaocheng Xiaocan in Chengdu, where he was appointed to the role of a stir-fry chef, and quickly became locally renowned. But the world beyond Chengdu beckoned, and he found himself drawn to travel in pursuit of different culinary techniques and inspiration.

Throughout his travels, he visited various cities and provinces throughout China, learning their cooking styles and blending them with his own, creating a colorful and unique take on traditional Szechuan cuisine. By the time he arrived in New York, Szechuan food had already made a name for itself, and, newly influenced by the myriad of food cultures he found here, Chef Yong was eager to do the same.

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That’s exactly what Chef Yong has accomplished at Shan, where he signed on as the Executive Chef in 2022. Each dish is infused with his traditional Szechuan roots and heightened by his international influences. Among the many Szechuan restaurants in NYC, he has ensured that Shan stands out from the crowd.

Readers who wish to be invited to the Brooklyn Dining Club and attend at Shan on Tuesday, Oct. 3 should click here.

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