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Former administrative law judge’s OnlyFans account exposes him

March 29, 2023 Robert Abruzzese
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CITYWIDE — Judges in New York haven’t gotten a raise since 2015 and it appears that at least one of them has turned to nude modeling instead of waiting around.

Gregory A. Locke, a 33-year-old former administrative law judge in New York City, has been baring it all on his OnlyFans page since 2020. Locke was recently fired for “unprofessional behavior,” but it seems that he’s been showing off the “long arm of the law” on the internet for quite some time.

According to his OnlyFans bio, Locke describes himself as a “white collar professional by day… very unprofessional by night.” He proudly states that his content is “always amateur, always raw, always slutty.”

Locke’s account features dozens of explicit images and videos, including hardcore pornography, orgies, and even instances of him consuming the contents of what appear to be used condoms, according to published reports.

In a candid post on OnlyFans from November 2022, Locke wrote, “I was never going to focus on work if I didn’t let this out,” before pleasuring himself on camera, a New York Post reporter confirmed.

In another, he teased, “Guess what kind of porn I was watching in the middle of my workday during this quick orgasm break.”

Locke charges subscribers $12 a month on OnlyFans and $9.99 on JustForFans. The Post spoke with Dominic Ford, founder of JustForFans, who estimated that the ex-judge could be raking in over $100,000 a year if he posted more content.

Locke’s professional woes began after he tweeted that City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino should “choke on a dick” in response to her criticism of the New York AG’s drag queen story hour for children. Paladino filed a complaint against Locke, and according to the councilwoman, an investigation ensued that ultimately led to his firing.

Paladino has since called for the former judge’s disbarment.

Locke isn’t the only one who has made the jump from a legal career to a porn career. Earlier this month, Business Insider reported on an attorney who started an OnlyFans account under the pseudonym Jazmen Jafar.

Jafar, who is 27 years old, was making just $75,000 a year at her law firm. Struggling to pay bills and make loan payments, Jafar quit and claimed she earned that same $75,000 in just one month on OnlyFans.

“I was working at the law firm during the day and at night I would come home and film content,” she told Insider. “I’d film all weekend too. It was always awkward going into the office on Monday and colleagues would ask how I spent my weekend and I’d say, ‘Just relaxing indoors,’ when really I was filming myself sucking dildos or whatever.”

“Many people don’t realize that a lot of lawyers are miserable, and I’m often told I’m crazy for leaving a law job to be a sex worker, but it’s only people that have a glamorized view of being a lawyer that don’t understand my decision,” Jafar added.

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