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Attorney General reminds public servants to apply for student debt relief before Oct. 31

October 28, 2022 Rob Abruzzese
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Attention courthouse employees and other public servants — listen to Attorney General Letitia James and get your applications in for the Limited Waiver Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program prior to the deadline on Oct. 31.

Public servants, which in Brooklyn includes judges, court attorneys, and other courthouse staff, can help reduce the amount they owe in student loans by taking part in the PSLF program. PSLF offers forgiveness of any remaining federal student loan debt after a borrower makes 120 qualifying payments while working for the government or a qualifying non-profit.

“Public servants have spent their careers working for New York residents and helping to build a stronger and fairer state,” said Attorney General James. “The PSLF program is another tool that helps address the student debt crisis and enables public servants to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. I encourage public servants who qualify to take advantage of the program and apply for debt forgiveness before the upcoming deadline.”

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The limited waiver expands the loan forgiveness and counts payments on multiple federal loans and past payments, including missed, partial, or late payments, as qualifying repayments towards the 120-payments.

Without the waiver, only payments made on direct loans counted and only people with those loans qualified. This will allow government employees to consolidate their federal loans like the Federal Family Education Loan and Perkins loans tinto a Direct Loan and their past payments will count towards the 120.

If public servants haven’t applied for the waiver yet, they should go to the Federal Student Aid’s website for further details on the program.

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