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April 8, 2022 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Our City’s jails have become de facto mental health care facilities, which have utterly failed to help people in crisis.

— Comptroller Brad Lander’s comment on the monthly data from the Department of Correction Operations (September 13, 2022)



If Buddy Scotto had his way, there would be gondolas plying the waters of the Gowanus Canal…

— Helen Klein, opening remarks in a remembrance of Buddy Scotto, at the recent renaming of a Carroll Gardens Street (June 30, 2022)



Could humans live through another ice age? Probably. But like the frog in the frying pan, they may have more trouble with the man-made,  incremental warming of oceans and the LOSS of ice in glaciers.

— Environmentalist, commenting on a discussion of ice age cycles. From “How Many Ice Ages Has The Earth Had, and Could Humans Live Through One?” (June 30, 2022)



You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

— Romanian adage cited by author of “My Odyssey From The Holocaust To The Frontiers of Medicine,” Morrell Michael Avram (April 4, 2022)



If you want to know what someone cares about, look at what they spend money on. Our city budget is no different.

— From “Council Finance Chair Justin Brannan Releases FY 2023 Preliminary Budget Response” by Brooklyn Eagle Staff (April 1, 2022)



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