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Letter to the Editor: April 19

Remembering Jackie Robinson

April 19, 2021 By Larry Penner
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Dear Editor,
April 15th marked the 74th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson playing his first major league baseball game for the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was a milestone for integrating the sport. It was a time working and middle-class men and women of all ages, classes, races, and religions commingled in the stands rooting for Jackie Robinson and his team mates regardless of ethnic origin game after game. 
Ordinary Brooklyn natives could ride the bus, trolley, or subway to Ebbets Field to see their beloved Dodgers. Everyone could afford a bleacher, general admission, reserve, or box seat. Hot dogs, beer, other refreshments, and souvenirs were reasonably priced.
Just as Jackie Robinson fought racism in the 1950s, Detroit Tigers Hank Greenberg had to do the same with anti-semitism in his time. Robinson and Greenberg both document the long-lasting relationship between African Americans and Jewish sports fans standing together for decades in support of each other.

– Larry Penner (in response to the April 19 article: “As always, Major League Baseball pays respects to Jackie Robinson.”)

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