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Prospect Park Alliance is determined to care for the Park amid COVID cuts

Group launches initiatives, seeks volunteers

August 21, 2020 Editorial Staff
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The Prospect Park Alliance is launching new stewardship efforts to care for Prospect Park amid challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Not only have both Prospect Park Alliance and NYC Parks have recently lost critical funding, but a spike in park visitors eager to get out of their apartments has led to an increase in litter accumulation.

Additionally, the Alliance’s seasonal workforce is significantly smaller compared to last year, the organization says.

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Councilmember Brad Lander threw a trash bag into a dumpster.

On Monday, local volunteers gathered at the Park to aid in the clean-up effort. They showed up wearing masks and were soon armed with trash pickers, bags, and disposable gloves.

Councilmember Brad Lander and Assemblymember Robert Carroll were among those volunteers, hauling bags of litter to dumpsters and recycling cardboard boxes. They worked alongside Sue Donoghue, park administrator and president of the Prospect Park Alliance.

Assemblymember Robert Carroll used a trash picker to clear litter.

“We know how important the park is to our community right now, especially in the summer months,” said Donoghue. “Prospect Park is showing serious signs of wear and tear, and without our normal workforce, we need our community to pitch in and help keep this cherished green space thriving.”

The Prospect Park Alliance has launched the following initiatives, and is actively seeking volunteers who are willing to help. More information and registration can be found at the Alliance’s website.

Prospect Park Alliance Administrator Sue Donoghue led Monday’s clean-up effort.

Carry In + Carry Out Your Trash

Please carry out of the park everything you bring into the park with you, and please clean up your trash and litter. If you are able to carry out your trash, you will be doing your park a great service. If this is not possible, please use the large trash receptacles that Prospect Park Alliance is installing in key areas of the park. View this map for large trash receptacle locations.

Councilmember Brad Lander (right) and Assemblymember Robert Carroll cleaned a field together.

It’s My Park Days: August 10, 17, 24 + 31

Join us on Mondays in August for special It’s My Park Day community volunteer events, where groups and individuals can help us sustain the park during these challenging times.

Volunteer Ryan Davis joined the clean-up effort.

Volunteer Greeters

The Alliance is actively seeking volunteers from all communities around the park to join our Volunteer Greeter Program. Greeters will circulate the park in teams of two, handing out trash bags and encouraging park visitors to take their trash and recyclables home with them. Greeters will also inform the public about steps they can take to be a park champion and protect the park’s natural areas and wildlife, and share other key information that will have a positive impact on all park visitors.

Josh, Jonah and Gideon Breitzer helped out.

Green and Go Kits

Want to help keep the park clean and green? Register today to check out a Green and Go Kit, available every Saturday and Sunday through August 30 at various locations around the park. Kits include a trash grabber, garbage bags and gloves. You must be 18 years old to check out a kit, but children are welcome to accompany adults.

Want to keep informed on volunteer opportunities all year long? Register today to become a Prospect Park Alliance Volunteer.

Councilmember Brad Lander wore an NYC Parks jersey to the clean-up.

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  1. cobblehillite

    The Prospect Park Alliance is headed by Iris Weinshall a very connected individual married to US Senator Chuck Schumer. the Alliance has a multi-million dollar endowment and other investments. it can weather a few storms and should be paying Brooklynites who are out of work due to the pandemic or teens who dont have summer job opportunities which have closed. No one is asking public universities to have volunteers do the work of paid individuals. this seems more like a publicity stunt that a real need. If the PPA showed some community spirit, dipped into its robust funds and paid some needy folks to clean, its leaders would show real community spirit