New Utrecht Reformed Church blesses pets during annual ceremony

September 19, 2019 Jaime DeJesus
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BENSONHURST — Pets are blessings for many people, and on Saturday, Sept. 14, Bensonhurst’s New Utrecht Reformed Church decided to bless some pets in return at its annual Blessing of the Animals.

Pastor E.J. Emerson invited neighbors from all around to bring their pets to the historic church’s lawn at 8301-8323 18th Avenue for a blessing. 

She described Saturday’s pet blessing at New Utrecht Reformed Church as, “A joyful occasion for all who attended. We hosted two cats and about 20 dogs, all different breeds and all wonderfully friendly.  I felt especially honored that several pet owners asked me to bless them, too. What an honor.”

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Hot dogs, baked goods and drinks were also sold, with all proceeds going to toward the ongoing restoration of the landmarked church, which was built in 1828-29. Guests at the event were also invited to tour the sanctuary and view the progress of the restoration.

“Our pets and our service animals bless us with unqualified love and faithfulness,” Emerson said. “Lately, we have seen an increasing number of news stories about dogs, or other pets, saving a life in their human family. This is our opportunity to thank God for the unique joy and support they give us, even as we invite a special blessing for them.”

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