SUV Flips After Hitting Speed Bump in Bay Ridge, Police Say

December 3, 2018 Todd Maisel
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An SUV with two people inside flipped after hitting a speed bump on 85th Street between Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road across from Fort Hamilton High School Saturday morning.

Police told this paper that the Subaru SUV with a man and woman on board hit the speed bump at about 9:15 a.m. on Sat., Dec. 1, causing the vehicle to flip onto its side and strike a brick wall. Firefighters arriving on the scene said they had to cut the windshield to remove the two victims.

Both occupants of the SUV received only minor injuries in the crash and were transported to NYU Lutheran Medical Center. Emergency Service cops were able to put the vehicle upright.

No charges were filed against the driver pending further investigation. Police caution that hitting a speed bump should be done carefully.

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