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What Our Readers Are Saying: June 29

June 29, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle editors welcome opinions, both pro and con, on all subjects affecting our daily lives, as well as responses to the articles and opinion pieces published in this paper.

Here is a selection of some of the more insightful and engaging comments from the last week. Want to contribute? Use Disqus at the bottom of the Eagle’s articles.

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Re Anti-terror bollards proposed for Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island Boardwalk and other high-traffic sites (June 28)

“The only cars I have ever seen on the Promenade are the occasional police car. The entrance at Remsen Street is too narrow and curving for cars. The entrance at Montague Street divides in two and goes around the flagpole and plantings and again is too narrow for cars.

“Bollards could be placed at the entrances at Pierrepont, Clark, Pineapple and Orange streets — but then how would police cars get in? This might be a solution in search of a problem.” — ANDREW PORTER


* * *

Re Neighbors worry footbridge connecting Montague St. to Brooklyn Bridge Park will bring circus to their door (June 25)

“As a Brooklyn Heights resident who lives a block off Montague, this take is awful. I’d love a direct connection to the park from here instead of having to walk several blocks around.” — RUSSELL MURPHY

“One possible solution might be a tunnel from the platforms of the No. 2 and 3 trains at the Clark Street subway stop. A tunnel at the far western end of the platform — which is already about the height of BBP — could angle down and under Furman Street and come out inside BBP.

“[Here] is a postcard showing how near BBP the subway already is.” — ANDREW PORTER


Re Coalition forms to fight de Blasio plan to overhaul elite schools (June 21)

“A serious, not simply politically convenient response would be to ensure that every student has access to educational excellence. For many disadvantaged students, that includes family and community support.

“Pitting groups against each other over what they all deserve is not only disingenuous but dangerous as well. A serious elected official would, for example, call for a new special tax on high incomes to fund educational excellence for all. — JERRY KRASE

* * *

Re Developer confirms revamp of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ DUMBO hotel at 90 Sands St. as housing for formerly homeless (June 21)

“Based on his history, [Councilmember Stephen] Levin has demonstrated that he is in the pocket of developers who have funded his campaign. This development — which is neither commercial or manufacturing as required by current zoning — is not in the best interests of nearby residents or the homeless it intends to serve.” — REPORTER1



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