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What Our Readers Are Saying: June 21

June 21, 2018 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Brooklyn Daily Eagle editors welcome opinions, both pro and con, on all subjects affecting our daily lives, as well as responses to the articles and opinion pieces published in this paper.

Here is a selection of some of the more insightful and engaging comments from the last week. Want to contribute? Use Disqus at the bottom of the Eagle’s articles.

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Re Developer confirms revamp of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ DUMBO hotel at 90 Sands St. as housing for formerly homeless (June 21)

“What is being proposed is not affordable housing. It is a long-term homeless shelter. Placing it in an area that has the highest home prices in New York state makes no sense from a financial perspective.

“Nor does it make any sense for the poor and mentally ill who will live there, although I am sure that they will enjoy the million dollar views of the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor. Unfortunately, they will not be able to afford the shopping or dining that is available in DUMBO.” —REPORTER1

* * *

Re Fine flora in ‘Garden City,’ aka Bed-Stuy (June 20)

“If you had told me 20 years ago that someday someone would type ‘Garden City aka Bed-Stuy’ and mean it, I’d have told you that the dope you’re smoking is the best.” — @I_AM_WITH_NAME

* * *

Re “Mermaid Parade celebrates 36th year in Coney Island” (June 18)

“This parade caused traffic from Sea Gate to Cropsey Avenue and Neptune Avenue intersection that was taking 2.5-3 hours. Can you just think what if there a fire in Sea Gate or someone would need to get to the emergency room? Who would be responsible if somebody dies? Where are Coney Island community leaders to oversee these issues?” — RA BROOKLYN

* * *

Re “Cobble Hill steams over loss of parking to new construction, big car-share invasion” (June 13)

“No other designation except a sign,” says the Cobble Hill Association. Isn’t that the way every other parking restriction is designated in NYC? Painted curbs, etc. have no regulatory authority. The sign is what counts. Of course, there should be no enforcement immediately after the posting of the sign, but once the sign is up following the first day, it should be clear what the rules are. — NYC372

* * *

Re “SHSAT hits the fan: Asians call NYC Chancellor’s Specialized High School remarks divisive, disrespectful” (June 11)

“Chinese children and their parents have worked hard to get into these schools. Now the city wants to reduce the number of seats based on ethnicity. This sounds illegal and contrary to the Supreme Court’s holding against quotas.

“I can no longer in good faith vote for a political party who is unable to see the flaws in this policy and the harm it would cause to the NYC Asian community.” — MR. CHU


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