Sheepshead Bay

Tajik restaurant in Sheepshead Bay serves traditional Central Asian dishes

June 21, 2018 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Cafe Dushanbe. Image © 2018 Google Maps photo
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It’s not easy to find the food of Tajikistan, one of the former Central Asian Soviet republics, but one place to do so is Cafe Dushanbe at 1788 Sheepshead Bay Road. According to The New York Times, it may be the only restaurant in New York that serves the traditional dish kurutob, made of shredded flatbread, salad and a dressing of kurut, salty sun-dried yogurt balls dissolved in hot water.

Among the other dishes served there are samsa gizhda, small meat pies with a soft wrapping of dough; okroshka, a cool summer soup made with yogurt, radish, dill, a quail egg and cream; shashlik, similar to shishkebab; and morkovcha, julienne carrots seasoned with garlic, vinegar and kumin. Owner and chef Alidzhon Imanov and manager Aslam Abudullove are both natives of Tajikistan. The restaurant is half a block from Emmons Avenue, Sheepshead Bay’s main drag.

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