Local pol backs legislation to ban “bump stocks” in wake of continued mass shootings

January 30, 2018 Meaghan McGoldrick
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A local pol is co-sponsoring legislation within the Assembly to help strengthen the city’s gun laws.

If passed, the bill – which is being backed by Assemblymember Felix Ortiz of Sunset Park and Red Hook – would prohibit the possession, manufacture, transport or shipment and sale of “bump stock” attachments meant to accelerate the firing rate of semi-automatic rifles, such as those used in last year’s deadly Las Vegas shooting.

The legislation – which is already making its way through the Assembly and the Senate – would completely ban this type of gun modification, with New York joining the likes of California, Massachusetts and, most recently, New Jersey.

“We have seen the devastating impact of these devices and too many deaths in mass shootings,” said Ortiz. “The possession of machine guns by civilians has been prohibited in the United States for close to a century. There is no legitimate reason for any person to possess the functional equivalent of a machine gun.”

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