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Brooklyn Today October 12: Brooklyn man threatens second Las Vegas shooting

October 12, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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THE LEDE: Happy Thursday, Brooklyn! A Twitter poll reveals that the majority of Brooklynites want Columbus statues to stay standing, a man threatens to repeat the Las Vegas shooting, and Greenpoint has a major lead issue. Plus, there’s a racial gap with NYC’s AP exams, a new Cuban restaurant opens inGowanus, and the Boy Scouts will allow girls to join their organization. Finally, the U.S. flies bombers over the Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump continue their war of words, and America’s loss to Trinidad and Tobago is being called the worst loss in the history of U.S. Men’s Soccer.  
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The Rundown
~MAJORITY IN FAVOR OF LEAVING COLUMBUS STATUES STANDING: Adaylong poll hosted by the Brooklyn Eagle on Columbus Day revealed overwhelming support for leaving the Christopher Columbus statues across the city intact. After 24 hours, 365 people took part in the vote, which posed the question on Twitter, “Should NYC’s Christopher Columbus statues be removed?” Ninety percent of participants selected “No, keep them standing” and 10 percent chose “Yes, remove the statues.” Following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered a 90-day review of every statue and monument on city property that may incite racism, anti-Semitism or bigotry.One person suggested moving the statues to a museum. Another wrote, “Leave them up, put up others near them with historical context.” (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~BROOKLYN MAN THREATENS COMPANY WITH SECOND LAS VEGAS SHOOTING: A Brooklyn man was arrested Tuesday after threatening a marketing company with a “LAS VEGAS REPEAT” when the group accused him of fraudulent activity. After the Colorado-based company found Victor Casillaswas making multiple accounts to reap “referral bonuses” and blocked his accounts, the 34-year-old allegedly sent the group a barrage of threats, according to a criminal complaint. “GET READY FOR A LAS VEGAS REPEAT (Final Warning),” Casillas allegedly wrote to the company three days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and hundreds wounded. Days before the shooting, Casillas allegedly sent pictures of submachine guns and said he was in Colorado with a sniper ready to assassinate seven employees. “PLEASE TELL LOVED ONES TO START PICKING OUT A NICE BEAUTIFUL CASKET AND PLAN A DECENT FUNERAL,” the complaint shows him writing along with the names and photos of the employees. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~HIGH LEAD LEVELS IN BROOKLYN BACKYARDS: A recent Columbia University study found that Greenpoint backyards tested above the safe limit for lead, potentially causing a risk to young children in the area. Resultsshowed more than nine in 10 samples from Greenpoint yards tested high. “Some yards contain seven or eight times more lead than they should – higher than the levels found in some polluted Peruvian mining communities,” the report says. The report also shows Greenpoint children are roughly four times more likely to have lead poisoning than children in other areas of the city. The study consisted of 52 private backyards throughout all five boroughs that were surveyed since spring 2017. High lead levels could negatively affect a child’s IQ and development. P.S. 124 in Brooklyn also came up on an unrelated study with water fountains marking high lead levels. (via CBS)
~RACIAL GAP CONTINUES IN AP EXAM TAKERS: A record number of New York City students passed AP exams last year, the Department of Education announced, but there was a large racial gap among the students. About 48 percent of the 49,364 students who took AP tests last year were black or Hispanic, while black and Hispanic students made up about 67 percent of the city’s public schools. The city has been trying to amend the issue, spending $21 million last year in support of the “AP for All” initiative that added AP classes to 63 schools and aims to have all high schools in the city offering at least five AP classes by 2021. “For too long, our students’ access to AP courses has been dictated by their ZIP code,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “We are making the investments to right that wrong, and to ensure that every kid has access to the challenging courses they need to be ready for college and careers.” However only about 27 percent of black students and 43.6 percent of Hispanic students passed one or more tests last year. (via DNAinfo)

Bulletin Board

***Stop the Insanity: Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is running to become Mayor of New York City to stop Bill de Blasio from his continued practice of protecting criminals at the expense of the New York City taxpayer.Meet Nicole Malliotakis.***

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NATIONAL BULLETIN: The Boy Scouts of America unanimously vote to allow girls to join their organization…The NFL changes its tune on players kneeling during the anthem…And America’s defeat at the hands of Trinidad and Tobago was the “worst loss” in the history of U.S. Men’s Soccer. (via Time, NYT and FiveThirtyEight)                                  
FOREIGN FLASH: Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump continue their war of words…Egypt forgets its problems momentarily by the success of its soccer team…And the U.S. flies bombers over the Korean Peninsula in a show of might. (via Time, WaPo and USA Today)

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 EAGLE SPORTS: We all knew the Bid for Proposal was in. But what wasn’t clear until Tuesday afternoon is exactly how determined the New York Islanders’ ownership group is to get the hell out of Brooklyn. Isles co-ownerJon Ledecky, speaking at a media luncheon in Manhattan, finally lent his voice to what has been a foregone conclusion for many months now, our borough’s NHL franchise is on its way out, likely by no later than the 2019-20 season. “We’re focused on getting that shovel in the ground and move forward on Belmont,” said Ledecky, who along with fellow co-owner Scott Malkin and their New York Arena Partners, LLC, group officially entered a bid to build a new arena on Sept. 28. “We’re not concerned at all [about the interim],” Ledecky added. “Our concern and our focus should be on Belmont. Off of that, everything else becomes clear. We either get Belmont or we don’t get Belmont. That’s exactly our focus — to get Belmont.” (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
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