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Brooklyn Today May 25: Hello There. We Really Like Your Striped Bedspread

May 25, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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THE LEDE: Good morning, Brooklyn! As Fleet Week rolls on, the U.S. Navytakes a rather untraditional dive…into the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. Borough President Eric Adams wants to make sure you can indulge in not just boozy brunch, but boozy breakfast as well. Meanwhile, severalBrooklyn schools are slowly chipping away at de facto segregation, and theJehovah’s Witnesses are poised to offload another big property…Speaking of big properties, we check in on the Pierhouse condos (spoiler: they’re still very pricey), and the Soup Nazi says “No money for you!” to the feds. Finally, we take a fresh look at one of DUMBO’s most photogenic (and most photographed) streets. 
IMPRINT: Not your average refrigerator on the cover of Forbes Romania.

The Rundown  

~A SPLASHY START TO FLEET WEEK: To kick off Fleet Week New York,U.S. Navy divers came to the New York Aquarium in Coney Island to swim with marine life, entertain kids and showcase their abilities. The divers did somersaults, took photos, danced underwater and high-fived children through glass. “It’s really cool,” said Elvin Marquez, 11. “They’re here because they know kids are coming today, and we can learn about fish and stuff like that. Not a lot of kids know about the sea, there’s a lot of stuff important about the sea.” (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle) 
~IT’S 8 A.M. SOMEWHERE: Forget boozy brunch, boozy breakfast may soon be on the table. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams wants to legalize the sale of alcohol starting at 8 a.m. on Sundays. He argues that the combination of brunch culture plus European League soccer games would boost the industry. Currently, New Yorkers can’t get our paws on alcohol until10 a.m...Plus, the science of why we feel different after day drinking is “appropriately hazy.” (via the NYDN and NY Mag) 
~GOOD NEWS FOR ARTISTS (YES, REALLY!): The massive project at 80 Flatbush is partnering with BRIC to transform a vacant building at 505 State Street into free studio space for emerging and mid-career artists who have received grants from BRIC’s visual arts residency program,BRICworkspace. That means the program can double the number of artists in residence this summer. (via Curbed NY) 
~DESEGREGATING NYC SCHOOLS: While NYC schools remain some of the most segregated in the country, several Brooklyn schools are jumping on board with the Diversity in Admissions pilot program, which encourages integration by setting targets for making admission offers to students from many different backgrounds. All participating middle schools – including M.S. 839 and Math & Science Exploratory School in Brooklyn’s District 13 – hit their targets for the upcoming year, and Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design will join the program next year. Still, that brings the total number of participating schools to only 21 out of about 1,800 city schools.(via Chalkbeat)      
~GOING, GOING, GONE: After maintaining a presence in Brooklyn for more than a century, the Jehovah’s Witnesses are one step closer to selling off their once-massive property holdings in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights. The religious group has found a buyer for one of their last Brooklyn properties: 74 Adams St. in DUMBO. Developer Jeffrey Gershon of Hope Street Capital is the buyer for the pending deal. The property is in contract for close to a whopping $60 million. (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle and the Real Deal)  
~HELLO THERE. WE REALLY LIKE YOUR STRIPED BEDSPREAD: Squibb Park Bridge — the wooden and significantly less-bouncy-than-before footbridge that connects Brooklyn Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park — recently reopened after being out of commission for 32 months…and now takes us thiiiiiiis close to the Pierhouse condos (which, by the way, are still for sale, and are still very expensive). (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~ICYMI//NO BENEFITS FOR YOU!: The Staten Island Soup Nazi (yes, thatSoup Nazi, of “Seinfeld” fame) was arraigned and pleaded not guiltyTuesday to tax evasion. While the Soup Nazi would ruin a customer’s day by denying hot, delicious soup in the show, Robert Bertrand, 62, ruined the government’s by allegedly withholding more than half a million dollars. (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

~PHOTOS OF THE DAY: It may be a rite of passage for NYC tourists (and, let’s face it, many bona fide New Yorkers as well) to take photos on that famous DUMBO street with the Manhattan Bridge...but it’s time to take a fresh look at everyone’s favorite street for snapping selfies. Plus, Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO are lookin’ fine this time of year. (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)


Staff Picks     

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NATIONAL BULLETIN: Don’t be surprised if you’re soon asked to depositmore than just your shoes in the airport security line bins…POTUS is requesting that Congress grant the feds the power to track, hack and destroy drones that fly over U.S. soil…The Congressional Budget Officereports that the latest proposed healthcare bill would leave 23 million Americans uninsured within 10 years…April 17, 1907 was America’s busiest day for immigration, ever. Here’s why…And paleontologists think they’ve figured out how whales got so big. (via the WSJ, the NYT, WNYC and WaPo) 
FOREIGN FLASH: A high court in Taiwan paves the way for the country to become the first Asian nation to say “I do” to same-sex marriage…Two homeless men went to Manchester Arena to panhandle, and are now being praised as “heroes”…For 60 years, Australia experimented with forced assimilation, snatching mixed children from their indigenous families. Now, those children speak out…And a controversial in-vitro fertilization doctorin India treats women as old as 70. (via WaPo, the NYT and the AP) 

 ROYAL WATCH: It turns out Kate Middleton can draw, too. (via the Daily Mail) 


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In honor of Manchester United’s Europa Leaguetriumph yesterday, here’s a look at how United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan brings his Armenian roots with him wherever he goes. (via the NYT)

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