Architectural firm to move into Industry City

August 23, 2016 Jaime DeJesus
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Industry City continues to grow in its number of design companies and the hiring of locals.

Specialty contractor EverGreene Architectural Arts, whose portfolio includes the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building lobbies, the U.S. Capitol and the Kings Theatre, recently signed a 10-year-lease to a 19,000 square-foot space at the waterfront property.

Although the move isn’t slated to happen until January 2017, the firm has already hired two Sunset Park residents. “This is yet another example of how we will collaborate with the community in positive ways,” Industry City CEO Andrew Kimball told this paper. “[EverGreene] is a perfect illustration of how companies come here and expand in a space that was previously vacant or used for storage and there were no jobs. Now it’s coming back to life and putting folks to work in good paying jobs that are pretty local.”

The firm hired the individuals from the site’s Innovation Lab, a 7,700 square-foot resource center within the six million square-foot facility designed to offer community job training and entrepreneur development.

Although the program is still in its infancy, Kimball is pleased with its initial results. “It’s been great,” he said. “With every new program you’re offering, there’s an education period. We are pleased with the pace of activity there and we only think it’s going grow more.”

According to Kimball, the program just graduated its first class of young people. “In addition to pre-screening and placement, we’ve had over 50 interns this summer that will stay on in some form,” he added.

The hope is for EverGreene and other companies in Industry City to continue to hire locals. “That’s been the case when other companies moved in,” Kimball added. “If businesses in Industry City can find somebody who is qualified and local and can walk to work, that person has more of a likelihood to stay in the job more than six months. It helps their bottom line and most of them want to engage in the community and take advantage of the Innovation Lab.”

As for the partnership, Kimball is excited that EverGreene is relocating its business and 50 employees from Chelsea to Sunset. “EverGreene represents the sort of intersection of design, art, production and architecture that is coming together here,” he said. “They also represent the kind of new company that we’re bringing here so they can expand and grow.”

“It’s very exciting to be part of the Industry City community of designers,” said Alan Weiner, COO of EverGreene Architectural Arts. “It will be incredible to have such a great space to paint murals, develop specialty finishes, sculpt ornaments, and work on conservation and restoration projects.”

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